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Minot State University resolves a Sexual Assault Issue

Title IX Investigation Minot – A Title IX investigation was conducted on behalf of a former female student who alleged that she endured sexual assault for more than two years from a professor. The student asserts she reported the sexual assault in April 2013, and the university failed to address her complaint. The federal law,… Read more »

Affordable Housing Worker Endures Sexual Abuse, Wage Theft and Racial Bias

A Bronx female ironworker who says that she was subjected to sexual harassment, wage cheating, unsafe job conditions and racial bias has filed suit against her former employer. LaFondra Brown, 34 issued a formal complaint to her supervisors and literally walked away in protest from the construction site she once worked at. Many of her… Read more »

Women at Chipotle Say they Were Fired Because of their Gender

After giving birth to twins and losing one of her babies, a new mother returned to work from maternity leave while the remaining baby was still in the hospital.  She was fired a short time later.  Another female worker was fired even though she was previously rewarded with job promotions and honorable assessments of her… Read more »

“Justin’s Beiber’s Excessive Flirting Made Me Uncomfortable”

Comedienne turned talk show host, Chelsea Handler has interviewed quite a bit of celebrities throughout the span of her talk show; but there’s one celebrity she remembers to be her worst interviewee ever. Who would have ever thought it? Singer, songwriter and record producer, Justin Bieber! Handler, 40 spoke candidly to Variety about the best… Read more »

Boss Sends Message to Former Employee’s Boyfriend: “Your Girlfriend Was A Real Pleasure”

If you ever become the proud owner and manager of a multi-million dollar investment firm, here are some employment law guidelines for company etiquette: Rule #1: Like any place of employment, you want to keep the atmosphere for your business, professional. Rule #2: Always hire employees based on their skills and experience. Rule#3: Always avoid… Read more »

Even Santa Claus Gets Sexually Harassed

The Employment Law Blog | Employment Attorneys NY – NJ – PA Things that the mall Santa has to deal with on a regular basis during the Christmas season –crying  babies, children who relentlessly pull his beard, grown-ups who prod and pick at their offspring while situated on his lap, in order to get the… Read more »

5 Ways to Recognize Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is a worldwide issue, with 40 to 60 percent of women being harassed on the job and in other places (those figures don’t even include men).  Harassment itself is a large problem, making it almost impossible for anyone who comes under that type of treatment to work under hostile conditions.  But what happens… Read more »

“I Could Not Be With Her Without Being Sexual” Says Multi-Million Dollar CEO in a Recorded Conversation

Multi-million dollar founder and CEO of TransGas Energy, Adam Victor is being sued for sexual harassment by his former assistant, Eve Khatskevich. Khatskevich a brunette in her 30’s who holds strikingly good looks refused the advances of her married boss; and because of that, she no longer works for him. In a secretly recorded conversation,… Read more »

Restaurant Worker Awarded One Million Dollars in Sexual Harassment Case against Her Customer

Sexual Harassment Attorneys – When people think about workplace sexual harassment, most of the time they automatically assume that the harasser is more than likely the victim’s supervisor or coworker.  Many times this holds true; the victim’s supervisor, supervisor from another area or coworker have all been guilty of this type of misconduct in plenty… Read more »

A Closer Look At the Victim of NYC Sexual Harassment

New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Attorneys Employment Sexual Harassment is Illegal; It could be a Fortune 500 company, a plush department store, a large supermarket or even a tiny owner-operated bodega; it could also be a nanny or housekeeper in a personal home. No matter what sort of atmosphere you work… Read more »