Sexual harassment is a worldwide issue, with 40 to 60 percent of women being harassed on the job and in other places (those figures don’t even include men).  Harassment itself is a large problem, making it almost impossible for anyone who comes under that type of treatment to work under hostile conditions.  But what happens when most people believe that sexual harassment is rare and certainly could never take place in their work environment?

When sexual harassment goes unnoticed and unreported.  Not only is the victim’s mental and physical health damaged in the event of unchecked sexual harassment; but coworkers suffer since they are not able to perform their jobs, companies suffer from decreased production, a poor reputation and in many instances, they are forced to go under legal extremities to pay large amounts of money to the victim(s) through large sexual harassment lawsuit verdicts for not taking proper action to stop it.

It’s beyond unfortunate; and regardless, if the victim is awarded lawsuit money or not, there are no real winners when workplace sexual harassment or sexism is present at work.

It is better, however, if the misconduct is recognized and put to a stop; better for everyone involved.  “Recognize” is the keyword here; before it can be stopped, it must be pinpointed.

Here are 5 key ways to recognize sexual harassment in your work environment.

1. If behavior makes you feel uncomfortable:

This could be one of the very first signs that sexual harassment (or any type of misconduct) may be present at your job.  Every employee is entitled to work in a non-hostile work environment, and to be able to do their job in a peaceful workplace.  If a coworker, supervisor, non-employee or vendor of the company is requesting sexual favors or unwelcome sexual advances, then your immediate feelings may at first be discomfort.  An NYC sexual harassment and employment law attorney should be contacted immediately.

2. If words are offensive:

You may have been taught, growing up that words do not hurt and to ignore them; but this is not the case at your job.  Words and mores specifically jokes, that are based on sexual nature, race, color, pregnancy, age (40 or older), genetic information or disability that is offensive, name-calling, epithets, slurs, mockery, insulting comments or comments of ridicule or put-down; offensive pictures or objects of a sexual nature and other offensive actions all are categorized under unlawful conduct done at your job.  Seek the legal assistance of an NYC sexual harassment and employment law attorney as soon as possible who can help you with your rights under the law.

3. If you are having a difficult time doing your job:

Of course, this is pertaining to the misconduct that you may be experiencing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  You were hired to perform certain work responsibilities; if you are unable to do your job, your employer will not hesitate to release you from that position, so why should you continue to be subjected to the very misconduct that keeps you from performing your job?  You need to speak with an NYC sexual harassment attorney as quickly as possible.  No one wants to lose his/her job, especially not over circumstances that are out of his or her control.

4. If you feel intimidated at work than you need to ask yourself: Why?

If you find that your feelings of intimidation are stemming from one or more of the first three ways listed in this article, then you need to seek assistance.  No individual should feel intimidated at his or her job.  Laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment, also protect individuals for retaliating, filing any charges or testifying.  An NYC sexual harassment or employment discrimination attorney will help you with determining your rights; you have many rights so don’t wait.

5. If going to work is making you feel sick:

Then you will want to evaluate what the reason for that is.  Sexual harassment, as well as discrimination, causes mental distress and physical ailments for the victim who has to endure this type of treatment regularly.  Put a stop to feeling sick at your job and take action by contacting an NYC sexual harassment and employment law attorney today.

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