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San Diego Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Lawyers

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Compassionate Employment Attorney Fighting Employee Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Over 20 Years

Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace can happen within any workplace. It does not matter if the workplace is large or small. It does not matter if it is on the east coast, in the middle of the county, or on the west coast. As long as a business is operating with employees, it can have cases of employment discrimination and sexual harassment.

It should come as no surprise that San Diego, while an amazing community, is ripe with sexual harassment and discrimination claims throughout its many workplaces. When a city is a home to over 3 million residents, the Marines, and the Navy, sexual harassment and employment discrimination are inevitable.

The citizens of San Diego now have help for their workplace employment law concerns. The experienced sexual harassment and discrimination lawyers of the Derek Smith Law Group are in San Diego, willing and able to help give a voice to those who may feel silenced.

The sexual harassment and discrimination attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group have an exemplary record of helping employees fight for their rights in the workplace. They have been advocates for employees facing issues of sexual harassment, sexual assault, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, sex, and gender discrimination, violations of fair labor standards act rights, and much more. With over two decades of experience helping victims of employment law violations throughout the country, the Derek Smith Law Group is ready to help San Diego area employees stand up for their rights in the workplace.

What to Know About San Diego’s Employment Landscape

San Diego, the birthplace of California, borders the Pacific Ocean. As the 2nd largest city in California, it is the best-known city on the West Coast of California. As the County Seat for San Diego County, it is the hub for over 3 million San Diego County residents, the US Marine Corps, and the US Navy.

San Diego is home to many businesses, including Nokia, Qualcomm, Kyocera, and LG Electronics. These companies, as well as the Navy and Marines, employ many San Diego residents. They are just a small sample of the business and employment landscape within San Diego.

San Diego Practice Areas

The Derek Smith Law Group, located near Petro Park in San Diego, advocates for employee rights, whether employees are fighting sexual harassment or other forms of employment discrimination. Some of our practice areas include the following:

San Diego Discrimination Claims

The Derek Smith Law Group attorneys in San Diego have worked with employees to fight many forms of employment discrimination in the workplace. Our goal is to provide employees with the advocacy they need to stand up for their rights and hold their employers accountable. Our practice helps employees fight all forms of discrimination, including the following:

San Diego Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment targets all types of people within the workplace. It can target employees, job applicants, interns, and sub-contractors. It can affect men or women. No matter how it occurs or who it affects, the sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group can help. The firm handles all forms of sexual harassment, including the following matters.

How Can a Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Lawyer Help You Get Justice?

Many businesses within San Diego have a legal team, a legal department, or an attorney on retainer. Therefore, they are well-equipped to battle any claims employees may file against. Such backing makes them think they can treat employees any way they want. They may think the laws, such as employment laws and sexual harassment laws do not apply to them.

It is virtually impossible to fight an employer without an expert on your side. A sexual harassment and discrimination lawyer in San Diego should be an expert in employment laws and your rights within the workplace. These dedicated employment lawyers can help you stand up for your rights and ensure your voice is heard, even when your employer wants to silence you at every turn.

The employment discrimination and sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group in San Diego have spent the past two decades advocating for employees and their rights in the workplace. They can ensure you get the justice you so rightly deserve.

How Much Does It Cost to Work with a San Diego Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Lawyer?

Many employees are afraid to fight their employers when they have even been wronged. One reason they are afraid is they think it is too expensive to hire a lawyer. This thought is incorrect.

experienced sexual harassment lawyers in San Diego will not charge anything unless they win the case. This type of representation is called contingent representation. Therefore, your attorney will fight harder for your rights to ensure everyone, including them, gets paid.

The Derek Smith Law Group in San Diego works on a contingent fee basis. They only collect money from your settlement or judgment. When you work with the Derek Smith Law Group, you do not have to put any money down or bring any money to the table.

Why Should You Work with the Derek Smith Law Group for Your Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Claim?

The Derek Smith Law Group has spent over two decades helping employees fight for their rights. They have fought against employers of all sizes, ensuring employees have the chance to have their voices heard. They have even been named the best sexual harassment and discrimination firm in the states and cities in which they have been practicing for over twenty-five years.

Working with the Derek Smith Law Group means you have an advocate in your corner. It means you have a dedicated and experienced San Diego law firm standing by your side, ensuring your voice is heard and you are no longer silenced. The Derek Smith Law Group attorneys will fight passionately for your rights every step of the way.

Call The Derek Smith Law Group in San Diego for a Free Consultation.

As the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination in your San Diego workplace, you need an attorney that will fight for your rights and help you get the justice you deserve. You need the Derek Smith Law Group. Call us today for a free consultation. 

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