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Why Hire Derek Smith Law Group for Employment Law and Sexual Harassment Cases?


Why Hire Derek Smith Law Group for Employment Law and Sexual Harassment Cases?

For almost 30 years, Derek Smith Law Group has fought for clients facing discrimination and sexual harassment. We’ve won over $400 million in verdicts and settlements, showing our commitment to protecting our clients’ rights. If you are searching for the top employment law firm near me, we are here to help. When you hire Derek Smith Law Group, you hire an entire legal team to fight for your rights. We have handled thousands of sexual harassment, discrimination and employment cases from inception through trial and appeal.

Tenacity, Passion and Commitment are at the forefront of all our cases. Call us at 800-807-2209 for a free consultation to learn more.

Proven Success in Sexual Harassment and Employment Law

Our founder, Derek Smith, has won many multi-million dollar jury verdicts. He holds the record for the largest emotional distress verdict in an employment law case in U.S. history. He also secured a settlement of over $15 million for a single client. This success comes from his deep legal knowledge and strong trial skills. Call us at 800-807-2209 for a free consultation. Derek Smith Law Group has multiple attorneys with experience handling high-value cases. Very few plaintiff’s firms can match our depth of knowledge and experience in employment law.

Ready to Fight for You in All Situations

We handle cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination not just at work but also in private relationships, housing, and service and retail establishments. If you need a lawyer for workplace sexual harassment or legal support for sexual assault victims, we know how to counter the tactics the opposition might use. Unlike many firms, we are always ready to go to trial if needed. Our history of winning million-dollar verdicts shows we are prepared to fight for justice. Our nationwide employment law firm serves clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. Our firm has successfully represented clients who have been sexually harassed or discriminated against because of their pregnancy, race, national origin, gender, religion, disability, and other protected traits.

No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

We understand that facing sexual harassment, sexual assault, or discrimination can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. The thought of legal fees shouldn’t add to your worries. That’s why, at Derek Smith Law Group, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t have to pay any legal fees upfront. You only pay if we win your case.

Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer when you’re dealing with such difficult circumstances. We are committed to fighting for your rights without adding financial strain to your life.

By working on a contingency fee basis, we align our goals with yours. Our team is fully motivated to secure the best possible outcome for you because our success is tied to yours. This approach ensures that we are dedicated to achieving the highest possible settlement or verdict on your behalf.

You can trust that our team will work tirelessly on your case, knowing that we only get paid when you do. We are here to support you every step of the way, providing expert legal advice and representation without any upfront costs.

If you are dealing with sexual harassment, sexual assault, or discrimination, don’t let concerns about legal fees stop you from seeking justice. Call us at 800-807-2209 for a free consultation to discuss your case. Let us help you get the justice you deserve, without any financial risk to you.

Our Commitment to Justice

We are passionate about holding wrongdoers accountable. By making them pay for their actions, we achieve three important goals:


Ensuring you get the financial support you deserve. If you've faced discrimination or sexual harassment, it can really mess up your life. You might lose money from missing work, have medical bills, or feel a lot of stress. We work hard to get you the most money possible to help cover these costs and get your life back on track. We make sure you are paid fairly for what you went through.


Making sure those who engage in bad behavior face consequences. People or companies that do bad things like discrimination or harassment need to be punished. By taking them to court, we make sure they face penalties. This might include paying a lot of money, getting fines, or having their reputation damaged. This helps to show that such behavior is unacceptable and won’t be ignored.


Helping to prevent similar behavior in the future, promoting a safer environment. When we win cases and show that discrimination and harassment have serious consequences, it discourages others from doing the same things. This helps create safer and more respectful workplaces and communities. By fighting back, you help make sure that others won't have to go through the same bad experiences. This helps build a fairer society for everyone.

Call us at 800-807-2209 for a free consultation to start your journey to justice.

Personalized Support for All Victims

Whether you experience discrimination or sexual harassment at work, in a private relationship, in housing, in retail locations, or in other public places, we understand the emotional impact it can have. You might fear retaliation or embarrassment if you speak out. Each case is handled with care and respect. With our extensive experience, we guide you through these tough times and provide the support you need. We serve clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida. Contact us at 800-807-2209 for a free consultation today. Discrimination or sexual harassment can undermine your job performance and personal life, as well as damage your sense of well-being and dignity. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients achieve the justice they deserve and restore a sense of control over their lives.

Join Us in the Fight for Justice. You Deserve Justice, Don’t Stay Silent

Have you or your loved one faced sexual harassment, sexual assault, or employment discrimination? You are not alone. At Derek Smith Law Group, we understand the pain and frustration these experiences can cause. That’s why we offer free consultations to empower you and explore your legal options. Together, we can fight for the justice you deserve. We have a proven track record of holding perpetrators accountable and ensuring your voice is heard. Our proven success in employment law cases and top-rated discrimination attorney services make us the best lawyer for sexual harassment cases. We understand how difficult it is for victims to come forward and talk about unlawful conduct in their workplace.

Don’t wait—take the first step towards healing and accountability. Call us today at 800-807-2209 for a free consultation, or fill out our confidential Contact Us form below. If you are being treated unfairly based on a protected trait or experiencing sexual harassment or discrimination, there are legal recourses available to you. However, the statute of limitations to bring job-related claims is brief, so it is in your best interests to consult an attorney as soon as possible.

Derek Smith Law Group Reviews

We invite you to check out Derek Smith Law Group reviews to see testimonials from our satisfied clients. Our commitment to achieving justice and our record-setting employment lawyer credentials make us the employment law expert Derek Smith you can trust. If you’re wondering who to hire for discrimination lawsuit, we have got you covered with top notch sexual harassment legal help. The attorneys and staff at Derek Smith Law Group are seasoned legal professionals who are well-versed in sexual harassment, employment and discrimination law.

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