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Sexual Harassment at Office Holiday Parties


Sexual harassment at the office holiday party often occurs because your guard is down. The office holiday party is often a time of fun, getting to see your co-workers and supervisors outside of the office. Everyone is usually in a wonderful mood, joking, and just having a great time. However, many times, because people are outside of the office and alcohol may be involved, they forget that their behavior must be appropriate for work. Inhabitations are forgotten and sexual harassment can easily occur. Just because it is an office holiday party does not mean you have to accept the behavior and move on.

What Is Sexual Harassment at the Office Holiday Party?

Standing under the mistletoe with a drink in your hand does not mean you are obligated to kiss, grope, or make sexually charged comments to every person who walks by, especially when you are at the office holiday party. When an employer, CEO, supervisor or manager, co-worker, or non-employee approaches and employee with unwanted physical contact or creates an uncomfortable and sexually charged environment at an office holiday party, then the employee has become a victim of sexual harassment at that holiday party. Whether the event is held at the office or at another location, there is an expectation that no employee should be subject to such behavior. Unfortunately, even in the age of the #Metoo movement, this fact is easily forgotten, and office holiday parties can easily get out of hand very quickly.

Some examples of sexual harassment at the office holiday party may include:
  • A supervisor attempting to kiss you because you happen o be standing under the mistletoe.
  • Your co-worker is telling sexually offensive jokes to which you have asked him to stop numerous times.
  • You manager keeps feeding you alcohol after you are clearly impaired and then tries to take you home with him.
  • Your CEO keeps asking you to go on a date with her and threatens your job if you do not.
  • Co-workers are showing each other pornography on their phones and try to include you even though you are clearly not interested.
  • A co-worker grabs you from behind to force you to dance with her.
  • You are sexually assaulted in the restroom by a contractor that had been invited to the party.

These are just a few examples of how an employee can be sexually harassed at the holiday party, all of which occurred because inhibitions are down and people who work together are having a good time celebrating the upcoming holidays.

What Are Your Options as a Victim of Sexual Harassment at the Office Holiday Party?

It is the responsibility of your employer to set forth the rules of the holiday party involving sexual harassment and create an environment in which all people invited to the holiday office party are fully aware of the rules and consequences when the rules are broken. However, when your employer fails to do his or her job, the experienced sexual harassment attorneys and former sex-crimes prosecutors at the Derek Smith Law Group in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and New Jersey can certainly step in and hold them accountable. Our team of experienced attorneys have recovered over $165,000,000 for our clients over the years. In one instance we secured a settlement in excess of $15,000,000 on behalf of a client. We will use the tenacity and advocacy we brought to the table with each of these clients to help you receive justice for your ordeal.

How Can You Begin the Journey Towards Justice?

If you are the victim of sexual harassment at the office holiday party, it is your right to demand justice. Here are a few steps to help you start your journey.

  1. Contact the experienced sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group immediately. Our attorneys can help you start the process and navigate the legal process for the best possible outcome.
  2. Do not quit your job until you consult your attorney. Depending on the circumstances, quitting your job may harm your case.
  3. File a written complaint with HR regarding the incident. This allows HR to correct the problem. If they ignore your complaint or do not correct the problem, the court will see that you made the proper attempts to achieve justice before filing a claim.
  4. Gather evidence. Gather as much evidence as possible. If there are texts or emails involved, make sure you save them and put them together with any other evidence you may have, including witness information.
  5. Do not waste time. The courts provide a limited time for you to file a claim. Do not wait until it is too late.
Contact Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorneys for Your Free Consultation

The office holiday party should be a time of celebration and fun, not a time for sexual harassment or worse. If you are a victim of sexual harassment at the office holiday party, the experienced sexual harassment attorneys and former sex-crimes prosecutors at the Derek Smith Law Group in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and New Jersey can help. Contact us today at (800) 807-2209 for your free consultation. We do not collect any money until you win your case.

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