• Melissa Mendoza efficiently assessed and determined the eligibility of my case and proceeded in a timely manner. She was pleasant, professional and quick to respond to my inquires which really put me at ease during the legal process. I would seek her out again if necessary and will refer her as well.read more
    Larissa Cardone

    05 Oct 22
  • One of the best employment law firms in the whole NYC…Daniel Altaras did a fantastic job in my case…Thank you Daniel, your on top of everything.
    Noel A. Bey

    19 Sep 22
  • I had the best experience with John! He helped me out every step of the way and was very responsive when I contacted him. I would recommend this law firm to family and friends! Thank you!
  • My experience with Derek Smith Law Group exceeded my expectations. My separation agreement case was assigned efficiently after an online submission to Danilo Bandovic, Esq. My pre-conceived notions of what this experience would be like were proved completely wrong by Danilo’s kindness, empathy, knowledge, and smarts. Loosing your employment is obviously a crushing experience and the fear and anxiety of having to deal with lawyers only adds to the stress and misery. You can take some comfort, however, in knowing that this law group and this attorney will ease your concerns and work with you for the best possible outcome. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the counsel I received and the respectful, kind manner in which it was administered.read more
    Michael Mehler

    04 Aug 22
  • Review for Melissa Mendoza: Absolutely the best! Her representation was first class and excellent every step of the way. Anytime I had a question about anything during my legal matter, Melissa took the time to explain and make sure I was making the right decisions. All of the partners, associates, and staff at this firm were courteous, professional, and made me feel comfortable and supported. I was updated regularly with seamless communications regarding the details of my case. Melissa is an incredibly experienced attorney who was able to navigate a very complex matter. I would without any hesitation recommend Melissa to anyone who’s in need of legal representation because she genuinely cares and diligently fights for her clients.read more
    Adrian C

    30 Jul 22
  • I had the privilege of having Alex Cabeceiras as my Lawyer for the past few years. He fought for me and my case as he was part of my family. He is professional and a very smart Lawyer. His court presence was incredible. He commanded respect from the judge , jury and the opposing lawyers. His hard work on my behalf will always be appreciated and respected. This guy is a star. I am so happy so say he was my lawyer. If you need a lawyer – Alex is the person you want on your side.read more
    Brett Steininger

    26 Feb 22
  • I dealt with Zachary Holzberg of Derek Smith Law and he managed to keep me feeling as relaxed and confident as I could have imagined from beginning to end. A truly professional lawyer from a great firm. I would and will recommend him to anyone who needs representation of a similar kind.read more
    Tom Tobin

    23 Feb 22
  • I am so thrilled I chose Rachel to represent me in my case. I had no idea what to expect, but she guided me through every step of the way with kindness and empathy and never quit fighting for me. Rachel was able to resolve my case so quickly. Her dedication to me and my case was evident. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs representation! Thank you, Rachel!read more
    Jennah Khalef

    04 Feb 22
  • John did a great job with my case, always kept me informed and up to date. Didn’t even think i had a case but he made it happened. Thank you John Mack.
    Roberto Gomez

    04 Jan 22
  • Excellent law firm, especially Mr. ISHAN DAVE, he has a heart and he is 100 percent professional!!!!!The best attorne I have ever had.
  • From the moment I reached out to the team, they were responsive and professional. Zack Holzberg helped me weigh all my options and potential courses of action and he set realistic expectations from day 1. The team fought for me until the the very end and I am happy with how things turned out. Derek and Zack are very good at what they do and I would recommend them to anyone seeking an employment attorney.read more
    Ali Blakely

    16 May 20
  • Seamus Barrett at Derek Smith Law Group is a charismatic, dedicated and passionate lawyer who vigorously defended me against a very large corporation until every option was exhausted.In all my interactions with him, he was quick to respond, honest and encouraging. He always made me feel that I was in good hands.Seamus is an brilliant lawyer, trusted advisor and a fierce advocate. I was so thrilled with the successful outcome of my case; it more than exceeded my expectations. His compensation was fair, he’s worth every penny. I can’t say enough about Seamus. I would highly recommend him to my friends, family, colleagues, etc without any hesitation.read more
    Ellie Wright

    01 May 20
  • My experience with the Derek Smith Law Group was highly positive, and I strongly recommend this law firm to handle any concern or case pertaining to employment and discrimination. All communications, with all levels of staff, was exceedingly professional and helpful. My attorney, Daniel Altaras, was tremendously helpful, honest, personable, professional, and most of all, caring. He truly cares about mitigating any discrepancies or violations of the law, and takes tremendous pride in his position and title. He was always available to take or return calls in short order regarding questions and concerns about my case. Additionally, he was highly productive, and treated the task at hand with high value, regardless of the monetary case value associated. He was on top of all variables associated with the case and it required very little worry or open ended questions, due to his constant follow up with any updates regarding the case.To reiterate, I vastly recommend consulting with the Derek Smith Law Group regarding any discrimination concern, I’m sure that your concern will be treated with the same level of value, care and professionalism as mine was.read more
    Salvatore Lascala

    19 Apr 20
  • Great law firm! Johnmack was amazing from start to finish. I was extremely satisfied with the service and support. I would definitely recommend them. Thanks again.
    Richard A

    16 Mar 20
  • Very helpful and personable. My attorney, Ian Bryson, inherited my case and took charge. He is a pit bull you want in your corner. He is very protective of his clients and professional in his conduct.
    Don Hoiland

    25 Feb 20
  • Just finished my case with them and we wonnnn, great experience and highly recommend to anyone
    James da savage

    16 Jan 20
  • I had a great experience working with Ishan. He is a very personable lawyer, quick response time and got me the result I was looking for with my case!
    scott lyons

    03 Dec 19
  • They’re a very good Law group that works with their clients to ensure the best outcome of the case. They’re very organized and detail oriented when it comes to handling your case.
    Trevor Smith

    01 Oct 19
  • I called this firm a couple of days ago and spoke to Juliana I was amazed on how professional, caring and understanding this young lady was. She understood me and had so much patience when listening to me she even familiarized with me and told me she understood me because she was also a parent. I am glad I called.read more

    23 Sep 19
  • Had a great experience with Kelly O’Connel. The whole process was smooth and explained everything in a way that I could understand it, dealing with legal matters can be frustrating and confusing but this was never the case here. Highly recommend it!read more
    Javier Hernandez

    31 Aug 19
  • Working with Kelly O’Connell and her team was an absolute pleasure. The firm knows the practice of law very well, very resourceful and honest. Kelly provides real value for the money she charges her clients and does not fear or avoid hard work. Thank you for all the hard work.read more

    31 Aug 19
  • I would absolutely recommend this law firm. my lawyer Johnmack Cohen was phenomenal, very attentive and professional. he went above and beyond my expectations. he is such an outstanding lawyer and helped me get the justice I deserved to win my case. I’m very pleased with the results and im so happy I chose this law firm.read more
    Sasha Adams

    13 Aug 19
  • I would absolutely recommend this law firm. my lawyer Johnmack Cohen was phenomenal, very attentive and professional. he went above and beyond my expectations. he is such an outstanding lawyer and helped me get the justice I deserved to win my case. I’m very pleased with the results and im so happy I chose this law firm.read more
    Sasha Adams

    13 Aug 19
  • I was very please with the professionalism and expertise of this office. I contacted this practice, as was assigned Danilo as my attorney to review a complex employee contract. He was knowledgeable and helpful and patient and I would not only use this practice again, but recommend them to anyone looking for legal advice on employee contracts.read more
    Dawn Massaro Guy

    02 Aug 19
  • Johnmack Cohen was outstanding to work with. He helped my company every step of the way as a client, promptly responded when called upon. The entire firm was great and I would recommend them to everyone.
    Desirée Dismore

    15 Jul 19
  • My attorneys, Alex Cabeceiras and Rachel Allen, are the best! I never have to check the status of my case because they always keep me in the loop. Very thankful for their expertise and professionalism. These are the guys to call!read more
    Matt Marotto

    13 Jul 19
  • Johnmack Cohen was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with a legal issue I had dealt with. He walked me through the entire process carefully and trusted him completely. I would recommend him to any of my close friends or family.read more
    Michele Pudlowski

    02 Jul 19
  • I was very pleased with the time, attention, and compassion that my lawyer from the Derek Smith Law Group, Daniel Altaras, Esq. gave me. He answered all of my questions thoroughly, and took the time to explain the legal terms, and was diligent throughout the entire process to ensure the best possible outcome for me and my circumstances. I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of workplace harassment or discrimination of any kind. Daniel truly fights for the little guys.read more
    Danielle Devore

    27 Jun 19
  • Rachel Allen did an amazing job helping me with my case. Not knowing what i was doing with my situation, she throughly went over how we can resolve it and thankfully its been solved! She was devoted with my case and made sure this case will go well! Always been very positive and professional. Always answers my questions right away and knows 100000% what she’s doing ! If i come across another situation ( let’s hope not) … i would not think twice about going here ! Thank You again Rachel!read more
    camila oviedo

    29 May 19
  • I found Derek Smith Law On an internet attorney search engine. This firm came up in the top 5, at first I was pretty nervous seeing as its located in Manhattan and I didn’t want to be taken advantage of by some big time attorney. So when I came in for my consultation I was introduced to the most amazing attorney Daniel Altaras. He was so down to earth, he was straight forward with me about the facts and my options. He really was on my side and fought hard for me in my case. Every time I came to the office the staff was so polite and very helpful. Throughout the case when Id become frustrated Daniel exhibited a high level of patience. He broke everything down to make sure I had a full and complete understanding of everything. For any legal matters you may have with an employer Id highly recommend this firm. Especially Daniel Altras and his legal Assistant Dwight Bernard! 🙂read more
  • I had the pleasure of working with Alex Cabeceiras at this firm. He was thorough, diligent, answered all of my questions and concerns and true to his word. I highly recommend working with this firm and especially with Alex.read more
    zena jawad

    24 Apr 19
  • I worked with Mike and he was very helpful and professional. He explained everything step by step and was very attentive to my questions. He helped me ascertain my legal issues easily. Hopefully I won’t need legal help again, but if I do, Mike is the person to talk to.read more
    Sevgi Cacina

    21 Apr 19
  • I would recommend this firm without hesitation. Rachel Allen was absolutely genuine and compassionate through out the entire process, showing nothing but strength and confidence when needed. Thank you for everything and I applaud you all for doing your jobs so well.read more
    Vianca S

    16 Mar 19
  • I had a great experience with Derek Smith Law Group, from start to finish. Rachel Allen is an attentive, compassionate attorney who will fight for you all the way. Their knowledge gave me the assurance that my case will be treated as it should and in the end, the result was great. Highly recommend!read more
    P G

    12 Mar 19
  • I had a very professional and wonderful experience with this law firm. My attorney, Rachel A. was unbelievably helpful in resolving a wrongful termination ordeal. It was a very stressful time for me but she was able to reach the best possible outcome for my settlement. She worked tirelessly (and even on her days off) to ensure that my case was treated fairly and resolved as quickly as possible. She kept me abreast of all information and correspondences from the opposing side as soon as she heard from them. I was NEVER left in the dark about any element of my case. Should I ever find myself in the position to need such services again, this is the ONLY firm I would consider calling upon.read more
    Michelle Gonzalez

    07 Jan 19
  • I stumbled across this firm while doing some research online. I saw they had stellar reviews so I decided to call. I called the NY and spoke with a young lady (think her name was Aron or Arielle, I can’t really remember) but she was so kind and forthcoming, whilst informing me she was unable to give me any legal advice. I live and work in Philly and she gave me the telephone number for Derek Smith’s Philly office. It’s hard to get friendly service from people, so it’s always refreshing for me to receive kindness and helpful customer service. Hire more people like her!read more
    Phillip Donovan

    20 Dec 18
  • Retained Abe Melamed to review an employment contract and had the most pleasant experience working with Abe. He was kind, attentive and extremely honest and professional about his approach. He put me as the client first and gave me really good advice. Highly recommend his services!read more

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