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Our team of experienced attorneys have helped people just like you get the compensation they deserve for their employment discrimination claims. Whether you are the victim of age, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, military status, citizenship status, gender identification, or any other type of workplace discrimination, our team of experienced attorneys are here to help.

We believe that you have been through enough already and know you are scared. You are scared about keeping a roof over your family’s head while keeping your sanity intact. Our team of experienced employment law attorneys are available 24/7 to help you no matter what time of day or night to answer any questions or concerns. We care about your needs and your case and are results-driven to help get our clients every bit of compensation and justice they deserve. In the past four years alone, we won over $10 million in compensation for our clients in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and New Jersey. Call us today for your free consultation.

A Few Things You Can Do Right Now If You Experience Employment Discrimination

It is a big decision to file a lawsuit against your current or former employer. You may already be embarrassed, ashamed, or traumatized by the incidents leading to this point. While you make your decision to move forward with your lawsuit, make sure you take these steps to help your case move smoothly.

1. Once you contact an attorney, your attorney can advise you on how to proceed and prepare for litigation.

2. If you have not been fired, do not quit without consulting an attorney. In some cases, no matter how you look at it, quitting is still your best option to maintain your sanity. However, in many cases, your odds in litigation are better if you are still working for the employer until the employer takes other actions or the case is settled.

3. If your company has an HR department, report the discrimination in writing. This is how you get your complaint on record with the company, allowing the company to correct the issue before litigation is necessary.

4. If your company has a policy regarding employment discrimination, follow it. Once again, it is up to you to show that you took all measurable steps to resolve the issue before filing a lawsuit.

5. Gather evidence. At this point, gather as much evidence as possible. Document every incident, including what occurred, who was involved, when it occurred, and if there are any witnesses.

6. Do not waste time. Depending on the issue and the state, you have a limited time to file a claim for employment discrimination. Do not wait until it is too late.

Helping Victims of Employment Discrimination in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and New Jersey

Our experienced employment law attorneys are licensed to practice law in New York City, and its surrounding Burroughs, Philadelphia, and its surrounding areas, Miami, and New Jersey. With an office conveniently located in Pennsylvania Plaza in New York City, on 18th and Market Street in Philadelphia, on Brickell Avenue in Miami and centrally located in Hewitt New Jersey, we welcome you to stop in and tell us your story so we can help you seek justice. We do not ever turn anyone away because they cannot pay. That is why we do not accept any payment until we win your case for you. We take pride in what we do, so we can help you find the justice you deserve.

We Have Won Millions for Victims of Employment Discrimination, Just Like You

Unfortunately, you are not the first person to experience employment discrimination. And even more unfortunate, you will not be the last. While each case is different, we always advocate for what is right for our clients. We have won many clients several million dollars each. In the past 4 years alone, our clients have won a collective $10 million. We have won the largest emotional distress claim to be granted on appeal in history. We do not believe in stopping because your employer does not want us to continue. We work for you and work to make sure your settlement matches your rights under the law.

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Most of us must work to support our lifestyles, our dreams, and our families. A day without work may mean a day without food in some cases. No one should ever worry that their job is on the line simply because of their race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, military status, citizenship status, gender identity or any other protected class under the law. If you or someone you love is the victim of employment discrimination, our experienced attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group can help. Call us today at (800) 807-2209 for a free consultation. We do not collect any money until you win your case.

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