If you ever become the proud owner and manager of a multi-million dollar investment firm, here are some employment law guidelines for company etiquette:

  • Rule #1: Like any place of employment, you want to keep the atmosphere for your business, professional.
  • Rule #2: Always hire employees based on their skills and experience.
  • Rule#3: Always avoid at all costs, hiring any employees as “sexual playthings.”

And if it just so happens that you miss out on the first three rules and make the mistake of violating them; then you certainly never, ever, ever want to goof up on rule #4 and that is: after pressuring your employee into a sexual relationship with you, and that employee decides to quit, don’t ever in a jealous fit of rage, contact the boyfriend of that employee and send him a message titled “hey buddy – how do I taste?”

That’s what former hedge funder, Marc Abrams, allegedly did in the case of his ex-employee, Danielle Pecile.

Abrams, who started Titan Capital Group with his brother Russell, is being accused by Pecile of workplace sexual harassment. According to Pecile she was hired to be her boss’ “sexual plaything.”  She says that both brothers used a “tag team” effort to pressure her into a relationship with Marc. After Pecile decided to comply, she continued to date her boyfriend; but after she quit in 2009, Marc became enraged with jealously.

According to court documents, he reached out to her boyfriend on Facebook titling the message “How do I taste?”

The body of the message read as follows:

“Your girlfriend was a real pleasure, especially on her birthday when she s—d me off in my office.. I’m (sic) wondering what a loser you are that you never cared that she was s—–ing my d—k during the day and kissing you at night.  Most funny is when the trash (referring to Ms. Pecile) thought I (sic) would actually have a relationship with her. Btw, when I (sic) came back from the trip you “forced her” not to go on, I (sic) probably got the longest b—w j—b in my life.  She said you cried and begged her to come back…she’s all yours –I’m done.  Enjoy (sic) tasting me and knowing you cried over her, while she laughed at you –calling you a loser.  I don’t know, maybe you are?

If you’re (sic) not and you would like to grab a beer and compare notes, let me know. I will even buy –she said you were a loser without a nickel and without a d—k –so I do have sympathy for you.

Remember every time you kiss her, how many times those lips were wrapped around..well (sic) something bigger than you (*according to her).”

Pecile and former employee, Cristina Culicea, who worked as assistants at Titan Capital, have filed a claim against their former employer.  The company is being accused of subjecting the women to tawdry comments, misogyny and employment discrimination. Although the suit was filed in 2010, the messages were added to the case last year just before Russell Abrams filed a claim against the insurance company for his business to recoup expenses for defense fees.

Have you or someone you know been the victim of sexual harassment?

While there may have been some lightheartedness reflected in the beginning of this article, the truth of the matter is, that sexual harassment and any sort of hostility an employee experiences in the workplace, is no laughing matter.

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