Comedienne turned talk show host, Chelsea Handler has interviewed quite a bit of celebrities throughout the span of her talk show; but there’s one celebrity she remembers to be her worst interviewee ever.

Who would have ever thought it? Singer, songwriter and record producer, Justin Bieber!

Handler, 40 spoke candidly to Variety about the best and worst experiences of her talk show “Chelsea Lately.” “He was trying to flirt with me, and it was so uncomfortable,” said Handler. “That’s his shtick, like he would come on and flirt with you, and you just felt like a child molester right away — and I was like, I don’t want to feel that way.”

She also added that she thinks he does that with everybody. When presented with the question: “Has Justin’s flirting tactics ever worked on you?” Chelsea responded by saying “I was not sexually attracted to a child. Thank you for clearing that up on the camera.”

Perhaps Chelsea Handler may have chalked up her interview with the very flirtatious Justin Bieber as being completely harmless.
But flirtatious behavior is usually not so innocuous when it is taking place at work. Let’s explore some ways in which this flirting may cross the line to conduct that is a bit more serious:

• When certain behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, then that behavior needs to be examined, to determine if it should be allowed in the workplace at all. For example, if a manager, co-worker, or a non-employee of the company (such as a client or customer) is making unwanted sexual advances towards you or requesting sexual favors.

• When jokes, comments or names, based on an offensive or sexual nature are being directed towards you or about you, this type of behavior creates a hostile workplace which is illegal. Furthermore, sexual objects or pictures are illegal also.
The law may not prevent offhanded comments, simple teasing or isolated incidents that are not severe, however; harassment is illegal when it is frequent or serious enough to create a hostile or offensive work environment; or when it results in a negative employment decision (such as the employee being demoted or fired).

• When going to work makes you feel uneasy or sick because you don’t want to be subjected to a hostile environment, it’s clearly a red flag that something is not right. Sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination create circumstances for the employee making him or her feel mentally and sometimes physically distressed. No individual should feel uncomfortable at his or her job. The laws prohibit discrimination and sexual harassment, but they also protect the victim from being retaliated against, should the misconduct be reported. An NYC sexual harassment or employment law attorney will help you in fighting for your rights.
Have you or someone you know been subjected to sexual harassment at your job? If so, then it’s time you stand up for your rights and put an end to the harassment.

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