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Employment Sexual Harassment is Illegal; It could be a Fortune 500 company, a plush department store, a large supermarket or even a tiny owner-operated bodega; it could also be a nanny or housekeeper in a personal home. No matter what sort of atmosphere you work in, it’s your job.  You provide services; and for those services you receive compensation.  The average person spends a great deal of time at work throughout the day and throughout the week, therefore it’s only fair that he or she is entitled to perform their job in a peaceful work environment free of sexual harassment.
Now you may be thinking that at your job there are several people you may not get along with.  There’s “Bobby the brown-noser” and “Susie the wanna-be supervisor” and a few other co-workers that you find it extremely difficult to be around and complete your job in a congenial surrounding. But that’s not exactly what I’m referring to.
I’m actually speaking of those things in which the law dictates as being against the law.  As an New York City, New Jersey & Philadelphia sexual harassment and employment law attorney, I have seen countless cases of both men and women who have endured months or even years of illegal conduct such as sexual harassment and employment discrimination imposed on them by their employers – the very employers they have trusted to have their back and protect them while they perform their jobs. Sexual harassment, discrimination in any form; and/or retaliation for reporting such behavior is not only illegal, but it’s also completely unacceptable in the eyes of the law.

Know the signs of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Sexual Harassment

A coworker complimenting another person’s clothes is not necessarily sexual harassment however when that coworker comments on another’s clothes in a sexual nature, that is crossing the line to possible sexual harassment.
Making a joke or two at work does not always constitute harassment however; a joke that is sexual or has sexual undertones; or constant jokes about race, age, or gender-based jokes certainly need to be evaluated further.
Sexual harassment may not always be so subtle. Of course the harasser can come on quite strong by making requests for sexual favors or unwelcome sexual advances.
When the conduct affects the employment of an individual, creates a hostile work environment or interferes with the employee’s work performance, it violates the law that was set up to protect him or her from this type of treatment.
Oftentimes the victim who has unwillingly been dragged into the midst of these unethical acts by a supervisor, a coworker or someone else goes through various feelings of guilt and feelings of being powerless.  He or she may not only suffer mental distress but may also become emotionally unsettled and agitated.  That individual may go through anxiety, sleep disturbances, and/or denial and a host of many other feelings may plague the victim as well.
Here at the Derek Smith Law Group, we would like to let you know that as New York City sexual harassment and employment law attorneys, we do care and we will fight on your behalf to get you justice in your sexual harassment lawsuit.
Remember in any circumstance at your job, if it feels uncomfortable to you, affects your job performance or is causing you mental distress, you need to seek the professional advice of an NYC sexual harassment and employment law attorney.
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