Multi-million dollar founder and CEO of TransGas Energy, Adam Victor is being sued for sexual harassment by his former assistant, Eve Khatskevich.

Khatskevich a brunette in her 30’s who holds strikingly good looks refused the advances of her married boss; and because of that, she no longer works for him.

In a secretly recorded conversation, Victor, 62 spilled the beans on how he felt about Eve Khatskevich.

“I just couldn’t do it, I just needed to see her naked. I could not be with her without being sexual. It became too difficult.”

“If there was, if we basically were sleeping with each other, Eve would still be here, with the same f–king job, running the same hours” Victor said. “It was all about sex, OK? It was all about sex. If I had that or she was able to do it, she’d be happy, she’d be here with a job, she’d be on a career” he added.
The recordings of Victor that were made by another female employee, Nazym Toktassynova, who is also Khatskevich’s roommate, have been entered as evidence in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him.
In the recordings Victor can be heard speaking in his raspy voice as he lustfully pours his heart out to Nazym saying “But at the bottom line, Nazym, maybe I’m weak. I thought I could have a relationship with Eve where it was strictly professional where she worked, where it would not be sexual,” Victor tells her. “But she was too pretty for me, OK. She was just too pretty, and I never got over my desire to basically have sex with her.”
He also told her that he was prepared to let her have a boyfriend if she would have had sex with him.

Toktassynova has filed her own suit against Victor in December 2014, claiming that he tried to rape her.

In a separate recording, Victor claimed that both Khatskevich and Toktassynova worked as hookers and that he rescued them from a “Hell’s Kitchen brothel.”

“We know she wasn’t a prostitute but this is gonna be war,” he said in the conversation recording dated Feb. 28, 2014, just one month after the suit was filed by Khatskevich in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Victor claimed that he was misunderstood and that he said “impostor,” not “prostitute,” during the conversation, however, his defense attorneys have indicated that “Khatskevich’s history of prostitution is highly relevant to her instant claims of sexual harassment.”

According to court papers, Victor further claimed that prior to the cops closing it down; Khatskevich had a “masseuse” gig at Body Works on 48th Street and 10th Avenue which was operating as a brothel.
Victor filed a countersuit, saying that the judge should not allow the recordings as exhibits because they are of “dubious authenticity.”
The sexual harassment lawyers who represent Khatskevich are seeking additional justice on her behalf, stating that Victor is slandering her reputation.
Victor says the suits are no more than “extortion attempts” by former employees who are disgruntled.

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