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Things that the mall Santa has to deal with on a regular basis during the Christmas season –crying  babies, children who relentlessly pull his beard, grown-ups who prod and pick at their offspring while situated on his lap, in order to get the perfect snapshot of their darling angel and women who want to sexually harass him.

Wait a minute.

SANTACLAUSAPHILE (s) :Somebody who is sexually attracted to Santa Claus. (Urban dictionary

Women who want to sexually harass Santa Claus?  How twisted can anyone be? Sexual harassment is simply wrong on any level, no matter where the behavior is coming from or who it is being directed towards.  But to think of the words Santa Claus and sexual harassment in the same sentence is not something that many of us would expect.

Apparently one woman at Danbury Fair Mall in Connecticut didn’t seem to think so.  The 33-year old who climbed onto the lap of the 65-year old male dressed as Santa, decided she wanted more than a picture.  She made the decision to touch him inappropriately.

According to the police, the incident was reported and the woman who had quickly left the area, was not difficult to spot since she was on crutches.

Sandrama Lamy was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and breach of peace, both misdemeanors. Our sexual harassment attorneys here also suspect that Sandrama has been added to Santa’s naughty list

While the typical case of sexual harassment in the workplace may be between supervisor and employee or co-workers, it is quite common for a non-employee to harass a worker who is employed by the company, as is the case in the above story.

Under the law, Who would be considered a non-employee?

  • Customer: An individual who patronizes your place of business, such as a restaurant or supermarket.
  • Client: A person who employs your company for services, such as a client of a consulting firm.
  • Independent contractor: An individual who is self-employed who carries out a service for your company.
  • Consultant or contractor: A person who is employed by an outside entity such as a consultant or a temp performing a service for your company.
  • Facility or maintenance staff. Those who are hired to do work around your office or building.

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits harassment of an employee by anyone at their workplace. It is the responsibility of all employers to maintain an environment free of hostility;  one that is peaceful and allows their employees to raise concerns when necessary, confident that those concerns will be properly resolved.

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