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Did Princeton University Discriminate Against Asian Applicants?

After completing a year-long investigation into the admissions process, the U.S. Department of Education has determined that Princeton University has been found not guilty of discrimination when it comes to applicants of Asian-American and Asian descent. The Office for Civil Rights initiated a compliance review in January 2008 after two people complained that they were… Read more »

10 Common Misconceptions Involving Workplace Sexual Harassment

There are many misconceptions about sexual harassment. Oftentimes unethical behavior tends to get swept under the rug due to these common workplace fallacies.  If more people were consciously aware that what they are being subjected to, is not only unethical but it is also unlawful then they would refuse to tolerate it altogether. Here are… Read more »

HBO’s “Real Sports” – Knicks owner James Dolan thinks Anucha Browne Sanders made up allegations of sexual harassment

“I think a bunch of it she (made up), yes,” Dolan told HBO’s “Real Sports” for an episode that will run Tuesday at 10 p.m. The sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek T. Smith Law Group handles sexual harassment case in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Hidden Signs of Sexual Harassment

A study published by ABC News/Washington Post Polls indicates that one in four women has been sexually harassed with a total of 64 percent seeing sexual harassment as a problem in the country as a whole. It is unfortunate that the statistics reflect these remarkably steep figures however, even more dreadful is the possibility that… Read more »

Kanye West Thinks He Faces Discrimination in the Fashion Industry for Not Being Gay

Kanye West is no stranger to controversies.  Some of the questionable things he has done include interrupting Country music singer, Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards; he also posed for the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine by displaying a debatable image on the front cover; he’s been mocked… Read more »

Nanny Accuses Uber Executive of Sexual Harassment

Cameron Poetzscher, head of corporate development at Uber is being accused of sexual harassment by his former nanny, and as if that’s not enough, she also claims that he was paying her wages below the legal limitations. According to a lawsuit filed by Julieta Yang who was previously employed by Poetzcher and his wife, Poetzcher… Read more »

Sexual Harassment: The Victim Is Never At Fault

Sadly, in cases of sexual harassment, there are people who would commonly and ignorantly blame the victim for the foolish behavior of the perpetrator. When a victim of a crime is either entirely or partially blamed for the transgressions of the wrongdoer, it’s called victim blaming. Victim blaming occurs when individuals choose to simply use… Read more »

Con-Edison to Pay Out 3.8 Million Dollars for Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Hundreds of female workers employed by Con-Edison in New York will be receiving thousands from the company, as a settlement for a sexual harassment lawsuit totaling 3.8 million dollars. Both the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission along with state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman came up with the figure after numerous complaints from a number of… Read more »

The Best Way to File a Claim for Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It may be a request for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature or unwelcome sexual advances. Sexual harassment may include one or more of the following: Pressure to perform sexual… Read more »

CEO of Waffle House Faces Allegations of Sex Discrimination

  A former employee of Waffle House in Atlanta, GA has had made some serious allegations against her former boss and CEO of the company, Joseph Rogers Jr. According to the unnamed woman (The Associated Press does not release the name of the victim) she endured several years of sexual harassment which started back in… Read more »