Female Officer allege Retaliation after reporting Sexual Harassment

New Jersey – A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed on behalf of a NJ female officer, Stacey L. Williams, who allegedly experienced sexual harassment from another officer. Williams claims she also face workplace retaliation for reporting the sexual harassment to her superiors.

The sexual harassment lawsuit claims the sexual harassment took place in 2011. According to the sexual harassment lawsuit, officer Robert Wright rubbed his private parts along Williams arm in the workplace. Williams claim the sexual harassment continued after the first incident.
The sexual harassment was reported to Williams’ superiors. Williams said her superiors moved her to the midnight patrol instead of resolving the issue. She claims they retaliated against her since they altered her previous job, which wasn’t a problem, as a result of her sexual harassment report. The unscrupulous officer was the issue. If anyone’s work schedule should have been altered, it should have been the accused officer, until the superior discovered a solution to the alleged workplace misconduct.

Sexual Harassment Settlement

On April 29, Williams and the city reached a settlement that awarded Williams $125k according to NJ Civil Settlements. The agreement stated that no one confessed to any wrongdoing. Reports have not disclosed if Williams is still employed with the Police Department in Pleasantville, NJ. Due to the sexual harassment settlement, Wright walks away without penalty.
Although the city is paying an exorbitant amount of money to make the sexual harassment allegations diminish, it doesn’t resolve the sexual harassment problem. It sends the wrong message to other individuals in the department considering the way the city publicly displayed how they handle sexual harassment. The outcome of Williams’ sexual harassment case appears that workplace misconduct is condoned, and one will still remain employed.
The only positive factors in this sexual harassment settlement are the fees that were save from the litigation that didn’t take place, and the department managed to escape the negative publicity that follows sexual harassment lawsuits.

 Sexual Harassment Training & Polices

Although the sexual harassment case was settled before it went to trial and the federal agency, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, was involved, the NJ Police Department should still consider adding sexual harassment training to their training programs. History has shown that sexual harassment training has proven to be ineffective, and in some cases it has increased sexual harassment. However, it doesn’t excuse the police department from fail to incorporate the training program into the police department.
The Human Resources representative needs to be creative and attempt to develop a program that will not be ineffective to the department. There is no way to measure how many victims were sexual harassed before Wright was reported. If there were a way to anonymously report sexual harassment, at least it would alarm the department’s chief that illegal activities are allegedly taking place. An instant solution isn’t guaranteed, but a problem cannot be fixed if the superiors and individuals above the superiors do not know one exists.
Sexual harassment polices including the state and federal laws, New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and Title VII, are resourceful. Sexual harassment polices are also a reminders to potential culprits of the consequences that follows breaking the law. Every workplace should have a copy available to their employees.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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