Fox News Ex-Director of Booking reports Sexual Harassment

New York City – Laurie Luhn, ex-director of booking, informed the New York law firm investigating Roger Ailes, former Fox News CEO, previous sexual harassment allegations, that she experienced over 20 years of sexual harassment by Roger Ailes. Luhn alleged the Fox News executive staff was well aware of Ailes workplace misconduct, and continued to assist him with masking his misbehavior.
In addition to being subjected to sexual harassment, she also faced “psychological torture.” Contrary to the popular belief, Luhn was a woman who agreed to participate in Ailes’ inappropriate requests for the advancement of her career. Luhn identified Ailes as a powerful and influential individual that could guide her career in the right direction.
Luhn revealed Ailes operated under quid pro quo, which means he was willing to assist her in any way in exchange for a personal request to be fulfilled. According to Luhn and several other anonymous individuals who verified the information, Luhn was under Ailes protection while receiving a gross pay of 250k during her pinnacle as an event planner. Sadly, Luhn had to tolerate a great deal of unwanted physical contact, lewd remarks, and severe stress in order to maintain her career.
Over the course of approximately 11 hours, Luhn recently shared her truth through various interviews at her Los Angeles residence. Although Luhn displayed signs of mental illness, a popular source managed to confirm the sexual harassment from Ailes and the severance agreement Luhn signed incorporating a private clause.

How did Sexual Harassment transpire?

Luhn relocated to Miami from Texas to pursue a new career as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. Shortly after the transition, Luhn expressed her interest in politics. The following year, summer 1988, Luhn saw Ailes at the head headquarters of George H.W. Bush in Miami for the presidential campaign. Luhn secured a volunteer position, which landed her a full time position with the campaign’s accounting division.
Ailes admirable work in politics inspired Luhn to work in political communications. During Labor Day weekend, Luhn, 28, formerly introduced herself to Roger Ailes, 50 at the campaign. Then she informed Ailes that she viewed his political television ads, and would love to engage in similar work. Ailes responded, “If there is ever anything I can do for you, let me know.” Unbeknownst to Luhn, this particular exchange started the sexual harassment.
Luhn accepted Ailes’ offer in fall 1990. At the moment, Luhn’s career in Central Florida, John Vogt’s primary congressional campaign, began to take a turn for the worse, so she decided to contact Ailes Communications to prevent her bills piling and seek an employment solution. Ailes extended an interview, carefully reviewed Luhn’s resume, and then quickly informed her that he did not have a position available.
Ailes pretended he couldn’t think of a place to put Luhn, so he began to dig deeper on a personal level by inquiring about where she comes from, and what her relationship was like with her parents. Neither question pertained to the interview, and Luhn’s goal to get a job, under the circumstances, impaired her vision to see Ailes headed down an unprofessional path.
Immediately following the interview, Ailes asked Luhn for a lift to the airport in exchange for dinner. Luhn accepted the invitation, indirectly allowed Ailes to dig slightly deeper into her problems over dinner, then drove him to the airport. Luhn alleged that Ailes kissed her including his tongue, and gave her nearly $300 prior to departing from the car, Luhn accepted.
Later, Ailes proposed a solution to Luhn jobs search. He offered Luhn a research position on a “$500 monthly retainer,” and an opportunity to unite during his Miami visits. Ailes arrived in Washington in January 1991. Ailes was working on George H.W. Bush Oval Offfice address. He asked Luhn to meet him at the Crystal City Marriott after she watch the speech from home.
After a minor conversation about the address took place, Luhn prepared herself with the “garter and stockings” Ailes requested, and then followed his instructions. Ailes said, “Laurie, if you’re gonna be my girl, my eyes and ears, if you are going to be someone I can depend on in Washington, my spy, come on, dance for me.” While Ailes recorded Luhn’s dancing without her consent, he asked her to perform better. The he instructed her to get on her knees facing him while he rub her temples while he firmly tells her, that she must do all that he asks. He tested her level of cooperation by asking, “What are you Laurie? Are you Roger’s whore? Are you Roger’s spy? Come over here.” Ailes requested oral sex next.

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