Custodian files a Sexual Harassment Complaint against Canton Public School District

Mississippi – In 2013, a woman, Katisha Harris, residing in Canton, Mississippi was in need of a job. Due to her lack of access to a car, Harris says she had found a job relatively close to home, so she could walk to work. During September 2013, she was hired to be a custodian at Porter Middle School. Although Harris intended to complete her job in peace, her co-workers managed to disturb the work environment with sexual harassment.
According to Harris, the sexual harassment took place during her first month at Porter Middle School. She alleged that a male co-worker grabbed her rear end in the presence of multiple individuals. Harris’ reflexes allegedly caused her to physical assault her co-worker for his actions as a protection move. As a result of the physical assault, law enforcement escorted Harris off the academic premises. In addition to being coerced to leave work that day, Harris was transferred to a different school for work.
It appears that another perpetrator has escaped the possibility of facing any penalties due to the physical assault that overshadowed the purpose behind the incident. Instead, the school officials presumed an external transfer would rectify the problem. According to a sexual harassment complaint filed in Federal Court, Harris endured more sexual harassment.
Harris asserts she experienced unwanted physical contact and inappropriate comments due to her consistent rebuff to engage in sexual acts at work. The only option left was to file an official sexual harassment report with the school officials. Harris proceeded to pursue a sexual harassment complaint to the principal and superintendent. Similar to most workplaces that receive complaints alleging sexual misconduct, the school officials failed to take action against the harassers and conduct an official investigation for sexual harassment.

Plaintiff’s Sexual Harassment Attorney Responds

The sexual harassment attorney representing Harris stated, “She did all the right things. She worked hard to do her job and when she complained, she was reassigned to unpleasant job responsibilities. The perpetrators were never punished and then she was fired.” The Canton Public School District decided to withhold all comments during the pending litigation. Harris’ sexual harassment attorney added, “The district tolerated a hostile work environment and didn’t take steps to correct the situation when she made complaints.”
Currently, Harris is perturbed about the sexual harassment she endured, and the lack of assistance she received from her employer to end the sexual harassment. An unidentified individual inquired about Harris’ expected outcome of the sexual harassment case, her response stated, “I don’t know how else to say it but I think they should be punished. From the superintendent on down to the custodian.” Unlike most individuals who seek monetary damages, Harris is requesting justice.
In the event that Harris’ sexual harassment experience took place because of her gender, occurred frequently, and can be identified as severe or pervasive, Harris may be owed monetary damages due to a hostile work environment that the school officials allegedly ignored.

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