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Sexual Harassment leads to More Workplace Misconduct

New York City – Ailes agreed to store the video footage in a safe deposit box as long as long as Luhn upholds the agreement. The usual hotel meetings including sexual requests and favors continued as Ailes helped Luhn with her monetary problems. Luhn said Ailes always gave her money, even when he worked with international politicians, Luhn receive foreign currency. Luhn said, “I remember I had to go exchange the money.”

In 1993, Ailes career path transitioned to television news after he became NBC’s new president of CNBC. Luhn claims Ailes suggested the idea of an on air job, then later revoked the opportunity considering Luhn could not escape her Texas accent. Three years later, Ailes proposed a position to Luhn to help start Fox News. Shortly after, Luhn received a job offer on Fox News Sunday from a Fox executive as a “guest relations” employee.
Prior to receiving this offer, Luhn enjoyed working for a lobbying firm as a legal aid. While most individuals would question why Luhn would even consider working for Ailes again, Luhn couldn’t resist. She said, “I was programmed,” and consistently searching for unique ways to satisfy Ailes. Luhn also determined that the booking position at Fox would advance her career.

Initially, Luhn stopped interacting with Ailes at Fox, and once the network was running smoothly, the sexual harassment via hotel meetings resumed with additional mandatory trips to New York. Ailes or another Fox executive, Bill Shine, would schedule a “booking meeting” and request Luhn’s presence. According to Luhn, she would frequently meet Ailes during the afternoons at the DoubleTree or Renaissance hotel since Fox employees were that the Muse.

Luhn disclosed, “It was always the on my knees, hold-my-temple routine.” Luhn continued to accept money from Ailes in addition to using her Fox credit card for personal expenses. Luhn claims the Fox credit card expenses were repaid. Ailes, a married man, refrained from including sex and love into his workplace misbehavior.

Luhn continued to climb the ranks at Fox, and work diligently to impress Ailes. She was very proud of the work she completed and promoted. Although Luhn’s career was going well from Luhn’s perspective, the frequent trips to New York and the questionable expense report led Luhn to believe the Fox staff caught on to her personal relationship with Ailes.

A previous colleague said Luhn was “dysfunctional at work,” no one could ever identify what she actually did. Everyone understood that she was protected by Ailes, and never questioned her, except her boss. Due to Luhn’s boss’ skepticism, Ailes promoted Luhn to a position where she would report directly to Shine in 2004. Luhn informed her former boss of the new changes, and that concluded their work relationship. Ailes arranged a meeting at the DoubleTree hotel, and demanded that Luhn thank him in her uniform for rectifying her work related issue.

Sexual Harassment expanded at Fox News

At the present time, one of Ailes’ men, Bill O’Reilly faced sexual harassment allegations. Andrea Mackris, Fox producer, alleged that she experienced “unwanted phone sex” by O’Reilly. The allegations resulted in a $10 million settlement. Strangely, the risk behind workplace sexual harassment increased his sexual appetite. Ailes began to demand that he wanted to see sadomasochistic sex between Luhn and another woman at a few different meetings. The last session Luhn had with the woman took place in summer 2005, and this time, Ailes took pictures, left $1,000, and extended a party invited.

A year later Luhn was promoted to director of booking. The hotel meetings ended and Ailes started to request office phone sex from Luhn. Ailes also informed Luhn that she must recruit young attractive women for him. Ailes told Luhn, “You’re going to find me whores.” Luhn admits she sent women to Ailes for meetings where they could endure sexual harassment.

A former employee who reported to Luhn said Ailes approached her in the same caring manner he approached Luhn years ago. She said Ailes asked about her career, family, and mentorship. Throughout the conversation, Ailes would make an inappropriate statement such as, “women who like shoes also like lingerie.” Ailes unprofessional actions made the woman extremely uncomfortable. Luhn terminated the woman, and Fox settled the case.
Luhn emotional state of mind began to decline. Ailes removed her from the booking position, and hired her as an event planner. Switching jobs left Luhn in an emotional wreck. Luhn attempted to travel to Mexico as a way to escape the pain, but that led to hallucinating. Luhn attempted to get professional help from a psychiatrist, and the doctor suggested she return home to Texas. Eventually, Ailes transferred Luhn to New York, so he could keep an eye on her. Ailes allegedly feared that one day, Luhn would tell her truth.

In 2007, Ailes discovered that Luhn was taking medicine for insomnia and anxiety. Ailes demanded she stops taking pills. Luhn moved around in hopes of finding herself. She alleged that Ailes spent 20 years saying she couldn’t prove anything, and that disturbed her. Luhn spent a year and a half on Fox’s payroll for working minor jobs. In 2011, Luhn informed a Fox sexual harassment lawyer that she was sexually harassed for two decades. Ailes declined the allegations, and the sexual harassment allegations resulted in “a $3.15 million settlement” and “extensive non-disclosure provisions.”

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