Female Customer attacked by Local Contractor

Bedford Stuyvesant, New York – A female Brooklyn resident in the Williamsburg section hired one of the borough’s contractors, Paul Boateng, to complete repairs in her home. The resident found the contractor on a website that helps individual find local service, Yelp. Boateng’s listing on Yelp labeled him as a handyman located in Bedford Stuyvesant.
There was one review on Yelp regarding Boateng’s service as a handyman. The review stated that Boateng provided “professional quality” results. It also described him as an honest man by referring to his actions when he ran out of a product. The previous customer said he purchased the extra paint, and presented the empty can to the customer for confirmation without him asking.

As a result of his excellent review, the female resident hired him. According to the police report, the contractor requested additional money from the resident. The resident declined his request, and then he raped her.

Court records explain that Boateng “grabbed” and coerce the resident into a closet, and then the rape took place. Currently, Boateng has been charged with “rape, criminal sexual act, sexual misconduct, and harassment.” His bail has been set at $15,000. The victim is recovering has refrained commenting on the criminal sexual conduct and filing a lawsuit at the present time.

A neighbor of the perpetrator said Boateng is a father of a minimum of five noisy children. The neighbor also said Boateng was not aroung too often, but during times he was present, he was “very polite.” A different neighbor described him as “an absent parent.”

Recommendations for hiring Independent Workers

There was no way for the victim to know her contractor would physical harm her. The review on Yelp presented a false impression of the contractor’s work ethic, and when he arrived, he presented himself to be someone different. The review did not describe a work history from a former company or list multiple reviews from various clients. Aside from the non-disclosed work Boateng’s allegedly fulfills, it appears that he’s unemployed.

In the future, it is highly recommended that individuals investing in the undocumented workers, do extensive research prior to hiring someone. Safety is important. In addition to detailed research, consider having someone at home or work with you while the repairs take place. Criminal sexual conduct is not limited to one’s residence it also occurs in the workplace. There are employees and employers who exceed the normal limits of sexual harassment and attempt to abuse, touch and rape the workplace victims.
In the event that a criminal sexual act occurs, employees are encouraged to file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Based on the severity of the incident additional criminal charges maybe filed within the city’s court against the attacker. Seek a sexual harassment lawyer to assist you throughout the litigation.

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