Female Employee files Sexual Harassment Claim

New Jersey – Janette Negron-Donini, 24, Trenton Fire Department employee, filed a sexual harassment in July 2015 claim against Qareeb Bashir, fire director, for the alleged sexual harassment over the years.

In 2007, Donini transition into her position with the fire department. Three years later, Donini was demoted by Mack administration due to restructuring. Donini alleged she inquired about her demotion with Bashir, who allegedly disregarded her concern. The following year, Donini claims she began to have problems with Bashir after he received his promotion to fire director while Mayor Tony Mack was in office.

Donini alleged that sexual harassment consisted of unwanted physical contact and inappropriate remarks. Bashir was also accused of touching Donini’s bust area in 2012 according to officials. In an interview with NJ Advance Media, Donini said, “He degrades me and belittles me and it’s being ignored by the administration.” Donini reported that Bashir’s actions developed into sexual harassment.

A part of Bashir’s remarks allegedly included questions regarding Donini’s marriage with a Caucasian man. According to the sexual harassment complaint, Bashir asked Donini why she was “married to a white man.” The conversations Bashir chose to have with Domini were unwanted and unprofessional.

Donini alleged the administration was completely aware of Bashir’s misconduct and failed to investigate his workplace misconduct. Eventually, Donini filed an official sexual harassment complaint. Shortly after the sexual harassment complaint was filed, Donini was informed that she would be working at City Hall.

Donini argued that the administration discriminated against her because of she a “woman and a minority.” She repeated, “They kicked me out. I am a minority and a woman and I am being harassed, belittled and taunted, and I am scared.” It appears they preferred to eliminate the work related issue as opposed to resolving the problem. Donini genuinely believes the administration transferred her since she filed a sexual harassment complaint.

Fire Department Sexual Harassment Claim Resurfaced

Currently, Donini is a former Trenton Fire Department employee. The initial sexual harassment complaint filed last year was dismissed. The insufficient evidence placed Bashir in a position to be exculpated. Recently, Donini and her spouse delivered more evidence that hasn’t been disclosed to the public yet. The Mercer County First Assistant Prosecutor agreed to review the evidence.

Fire Director denies Sexual Harassment Claim

Bashir continues to stand by his argument and labels the sexual harassment complaint as a false fabrication. Bashir stated, “the charges are totally ridiculous and 100 percent false.” He believes Donini couldn’t ascertain the results she desired during the first round, so she developed another approach. Bashir claims he’s confident in being released from the sexual harassment allegations again.
As the pending review proceeds, it will only be a matter of time before the public discovers if Qareeb Bashir is found at fault for the sexual harassment, that allegedly led to workplace discrimination for Janette Negron-Donini.

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