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Planes, trains and gender discrimination

Planes, trains and gender discrimination HUNTINGTON, W.V.  – CSX Transportation, Inc., a leading provider of transportation services, is currently facing a massive gender discrimination suit alleging the transportation giant discriminated against its female employees throughout the eastern half of the United States. According to the suit, CSX employed “strength tests” as part of the application… Read more »

Police Lieutenant fired after sexual harassment claims

Police Lieutenant fired after sexual harassment claims FORSYTH, NJ– Forsyth County Sheriff’s department has fired Richard Holcomb, a 25-year veteran, amidst claims of sexual harassment allegations. On May 11, the Forsyth County Civil Service Board upheld the Sheriff’s office decision to fire Holcomb who had reached the rank of lieutenant at the time of his termination…. Read more »

NBC, The Peacock only hires beautiful people, suit claims

NBC, The Peacock only hires beautiful people, suit claims MANHATTAN, NEW YORK – NBC, the network known for clever jabs at political figures and hard hitting news reports, has found itself in the courts for sexual harassment, disability discrimination and retaliation. The suit claims the Peacock network only wanted to hire attractive employees, and made… Read more »

Bass Pro settles $10.5 discrimination claim

Bass Pro settles $10.5 discrimination claim HOUSTON, TEXAS – According to Court records, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World has recently settled a federal lawsuit based on racial discrimination which requires them to pay $10.5 million in damages. The suit alleged Bass Pro had discriminated against minorities in their hiring practices at its stores nationwide. The… Read more »

Sexual harassment at tech giant – not that one, a different one

Sexual harassment at tech giant – not that one, a different one SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Another tech giant faces another suit alleging sexual harassment within their firm. Tesla, the leading electric car manufacturer, faces allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. On March 8, 2017, during Tesla’s “Women in Tesla” conference, women took the… Read more »

Utilisave, swingers and sexual harassment

Utilisave, swingers and sexual harassment NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Utilisave, an auditing company based out of New York City, is facing charges of sexual harassment from a previous employee including, sex discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, a hostile work environment, retaliation and unlawful termination. Trevor Isaac has brought his complaint in federal court under… Read more »

From Abuser to Abused, ex- Ferguson Cop sues for Discrimination

From Abuser to Abused, ex-Ferguson Cop sues for Gender Discrimination FERGUSON, MISSOURI – The most unique aspect of our Republic is the idea that even monsters deserve full protection under the laws. Kim Tihen, an ex-Ferguson police officer, and by all standards of morality a vicious criminal, is now suing the city of Ferguson, along… Read more »


Police departments are tasked with upholding the laws of the State and Country, however, far too often do police departments themselves ignore antidiscrimination rules, raising concerns about the department and the institution as a whole. Currently, New Jersey’s Ramsey Police Department is facing a discrimination suit alleging the department created a hostile workplace for Diane… Read more »


WASHINGTON – The old guard, a traditional part of the fire fighter industry, are finding the world changing around them as Fire Departments across the nation become more diverse. Recently, Lynden City Fire Department has settled a suit brought by one of its firefighters for racial discrimination. In the suit,  Damon Winters, a volunteer fire fighter,… Read more »


Discrimination claims based on sexual orientation are a budding area of discrimination law. While many Courts have found ways to backdoor sexual orientation discrimination through the lens of gender discrimination, most  Federal Circuit Courts are still reluctant to explicitly state that sexual orientation discrimination is covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of… Read more »