Sexual harassment at tech giant – not that one, a different one
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Another tech giant faces another suit alleging sexual harassment within their firm. Tesla, the leading electric car manufacturer, faces allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. On March 8, 2017, during Tesla’s “Women in Tesla” conference, women took the microphone one-by-one to describe the culture of sexual harassment promoted by male managers and top Tesla brass.
In her suit, Aj Vandermeyden, a female engineer at Tesla, accused Tesla of ignoring her complaints of sexual harassment and paying women lower salary than men doing the same work. Further, Vandermeyden complained that Tesla promoted less qualified men over her. Further, Vandermeyden claims Tesla retaliated against her for even raising the concerns of discrimination and sexual harassment. Vandermeyden started working for the Tech giant n 2013, where her hard work and dedication were quickly noted as she was promoted to a manufacturing engineering position in the, mostly male, general assembly department. Vandermeyden asserts that was common for her to be the only woman in a meetings with 40 to 50 males. Currently, all chief executive positions at the company are held by men and out of over 30 vice presidents, only two are women.
In her suit, Vandermeyden recounted tales of some of the sexual harassment and the hostile work environment she faced at the tech firm, which included vulgar language, whistling and catcalls. In a 2015 incident, Vandermeyden said a group of around 20 men stood on a platform above her and another female colleague,  taunted the women by catcalling them as they walked by. Vandermeyden complained about the incident, but that only caused more trouble for the young engineer. After her complaints, management began a series of retaliation, telling her, her only path to advancement was by meeting a series of unattainable goals not expected of male engineers.
Tesla’s conduct is commonplace in the tech industry. Susan J. Fowler, a former executive at UBER, posted a blog on February 19, 2017 “Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber.”  Fowler detailed a year of the type of sexual harassment and discrimination that is pervasive throughout the entire tech industry. The male dominated tech industry is in turmoil as women are breaking into the boys club with a fury. An industry formerly dominated by males who are brilliant at coding, but often less adapt in social settings, is facing a crossroads, with consequences that are sure to affect the American technology landscape.
As women are graduating with engineering degrees in mass, the tech industry is failing to keep up with the demands of their changing demographics. Firms are learning that comments and conduct that were common place ten years ago when women in the office were a rare occurrence, are prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Outside of the law, the social norms and culture of the tech industry is long overdue for a change, as women ought to be afforded the right to work in the fastest growing American industry without fear of being sexually harassed or discriminated against as they pursue their goals of moving America into the future.
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