Police departments are tasked with upholding the laws of the State and Country, however, far too often do police departments themselves ignore antidiscrimination rules, raising concerns about the department and the institution as a whole. Currently, New Jersey’s Ramsey Police Department is facing a discrimination suit alleging the department created a hostile workplace for Diane Warnet, the departments lone female officer. The skilled attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC, have years of experience litigating gender and pregnancy discrimination claims and work hard for every client to ensure their rights.

Warnet, currently the forces’ DARE officer, claimed the department created a hostile work environment because of her gender. Warnet is seeking damages for loss of compensation, harm to self-esteem, physical and mental injury and loss of prospective employment opportunities.

For most of her career, Warnet was the only female officer in the department. Her suit claims she was unfairly disciplined compared to her male colleagues. She would often be gigged for minor infractions, such as failing to adjust a police cruiser camera, even other officers noticed the differential treatment. Warnet was often the subjected to inappropriate jokes and sexual comments in her presence. She was further denied promotional opportunities in favor of less experienced officers; noting she once applied to be the force’s domestic violence liaison but the position went to a less qualified officer. Warnet was eventually given the position after that officer was disciplined for improper conduct.

Further, the suit alleges the department violated the department’s stated maternity leave policy by requiring Warnet to carry over fifty pounds; routinely carrying upwards of one hundred pounds of audio visual equipment while she was pregnant. The problem became so pervasive that Warnet’s husband would accompany her during her DARE events to ensure she did not carry more than one hundred pounds. She was eventually bust down to traffic duty, but did not receive the $1500 a year stipend that normally came with the assignment.

Gender and pregnancy discrimination are ever present in male dominated professions. Gender and pregnancy discrimination occur when an individual is treated differently because of their gender, or perceived gender. Pregnancy discrimination occurs when a women is discriminated against based on them being pregnant, or because they plan on or were recently pregnant. This is most notable when there is a hostile work environment or the individual is subjected to an adverse employment decisions because of their gender or pregnancy.

Here, Warnet was the victim of gender discrimination when she was denied the $1500 dollar stipend normally associated with traffic duty, presumably because she was a women. The department created a  hostile work environment when Ramsey was subjected to rude and sexual comments at the hands of her male counterparts. Warnet suffered an adverse employment action when she was denied a promotion in favor of less qualified male employees, and when she was bust down to traffic duty. Warnet was subject to pregnancy discrimination when the department violated their own policy of not allowing women on maternity to lift more than fifty pounds, contributing to her harsh working environments.

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