Why does the Workplace need Sexual Harassment Training?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem that continues to occur on various occasions. There are sexual harassment incidents that occur incessantly, and most individuals refrain from addressing the issue initially for numerous reasons including keeping his or her job to prevent loss wages and avoid workplace retaliation that could lead to termination. No matter how one analyzes a sexual harassment case, the odds that reporting the sexual harassment issue will eradicate the issue appears to be slim to none according to past experiences in both work facilities as well as academic environments.
The EEOC often receives more claims from women than men. Sexual harassment training will help employers and employees identify sexual harassment and review the proper way to report sexual harassment. For individuals who might consider sexually harassing an individual, the training may change one’s perspective of how their actions can cause a negative effect on a co-worker or supervisor. Although most states require sexual harassment training and policies, there are still several places lacking the proper sexual harassment policies for employees who suffer from continuous sexual harassment.
Every great company needs protection for their entire staff. Some people genuinely believe sexual harassment training may have a reverse effect on male employers and employees. A sociology and law professor at the University of California Berkeley, Lauren Edelman, stated “sexual harassment training may, in fact, make it less likely that males will recognize situations that are harassing.” Although research that determines if Edelman’s statement is true is confined, researchers unquestionably believe that men in the workplace will increase sexual harassment activities. Victims may allegedly experience more sexual harassment including unwanted physical contact or sexual joking.
In the event that sexual harassment training does not have a positive effect on the workplace, the staff might not hesitate to place blame on the individuals who enforced the sexual harassment training. One thing people often misunderstand is sexual harassment training and policies are a part of the legal procedures that the workplace must follow.

A Sexual Harassment Training Experiment

In comparison to a controlled group of men, males who received sexual harassment training results disclosed that men are “significantly less likely” to engage in deliberate sexual harassment against one’s employer, subordinates, or students, according to a Journal of Applied Behavioral Science study.
Another downfall to the sexual harassment training is the men who joined the training sessions. They seem less likely to report sexual harassment incidents in the workplace after they learn about sexual harassment and the corresponding discipline the follows the workplace misconduct. Other men argued that sexual harassment training could potentially leave them defenseless against false accusations. If a male employee or employer is falsely accused of sexual harassment, that may cause more damage than the victim experienced. After an individual’s name and reputation has been dragged through the mud, it’s extremely difficult to recover from the negative spotlight.
Men who hold managerial roles in the workplace have shown that their lack of knowledge and personal experiences with enduring sexual harassment on an employee level makes it hard to comprehend the impact sexual harassment have on victims.
A different study explains that sexual harassment policies may produce a gender bias environment after men become familiar with the rules of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment policies are supposed to protect employees and employers in addition to promoting gender equality in the workplace. If the sexual harassment policies continue reverse the positive outcome, it becomes a deterrent in employee protection, which harms the goal in the workplace.
Edelman believes the effect that sexual harassment training has on an employer is liability protection. The effect that sexual harassment training has on employees has yet to be determined. There hasn’t been a significant reduction in workplace sexual harassment, especially at the University of California Berkeley. Although California requires 2 hours of sexual harassment for employers and employees with “50 or more employees” present, the University of California Berkeley sexual harassment training runs every two years. Presently, the ongoing sexual harassment that employees and students have endured does not prove that the sexual harassment training is working efficiently.

A Legal Remedy for Workplace Sexual Harassment

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