Press TV, an English-language news channel in Iran suspended two of their executives following a confession made by a well-known Iranian newscaster, Sheena Shirani.  Shirani said she had been experiencing years of sexual harassment from the two men.

Shirani, who has now fled the country, previously made a recording available in which one of her harassers repeatedly asks for sexual favors from her.  In a separate phone conversation that same person, Hamid Reza Emadi who is the channel’s news editor asks Shirani to stop by his home after she gets off from work. The second officer has not been identified as of yet.

Shirani posted an audio recording to her Facebook page where you can hear Emadi trying to guilt her into giving in, by saying he is lying in his bed naked and that he has always helped her. He then pleads with her to have phone sex with him “for just five minutes.”

Emadi then tries to get her to give him compliments on his weight loss, sending pictures of himself and also referring to himself as “a sexy, perverted” guy. Most of the conversation was detailed with vulgarity as Shirani constantly tried to put an end to the conversation.  At one point, she adamantly advises Emadi that she doesn’t owe him anything and she only needs the job to support herself and her son.

Many were surprised by the executives being suspended since according to them, incidents like this are generally kept a secret or covered up.

The incident has also sparked a social media debate where several women have admitted that harassment such as this one is commonplace in Iran –respective to unemployment being high and laws that slant considerably in men’s favor.

A statement on Press TV’s website made sure not to name the officials who had been suspended. The statement further indicated that no formal complaint has been made inside Iran by Shirani.

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