Quite obviously, sexual harassment lawsuits cost companies and individuals millions of dollars each year in settlements, verdicts and legal fees. The emotional price on it takes on victims is unable to be calculated. But what about the hidden costs involved? What about the hidden toll harassment takes on both employers and employees? Every day, the NYC lawyers at
Some of the unseen prices of workplace sexual harassment include:

  • Lower productivity. When workers are feeling stressed and distracted by harassment, their work product decreases. Victims tend to be less productive and efficient.
  • Higher absenteeism. Studies show that harassment victims are more likely to miss work days because they are too afraid to face their harassers or because the work environment is too stressful.
  • Lower employee morale. When individuals are discriminated against and tormented at work, their overall attitude turns negative. They are less likely to work towards promotions,
  • More job turnover. Employees are more likely to quit a job if the work environment is hostile. Instead of fixing the problem of harassment, some employers chose to waste time and resources hiring and training new employees.

In addition, if an employee does make a claim of harassment, employers must take time to investigate the claim. They may be involved in meditation, negotiations or even litigation. While employers are wrapped up in resolving these claims, their attention is focused away from their employees. Gossip may spread around the office. It may be concluded that the company tolerates discrimination and harassment.
Employers should focus on preventing harassment to avoid producing stress, frustration and trauma on employees. Sexual harassment and discrimination is a company-wide problem. It has detrimental effects on the entire workplace.
Have you been harassed at work? Or maybe you weren’t the target of the harassment, but you suffered emotional distress due to the hostile work environment. In either event, speak with a Manhattan attorney who can evaluate your sexual harassment case.
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