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Securing Union Voting Rights under the National Labor Relations Act

In 1935, Congress enacted the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) in order to regulate labor relations and negotiations, including collective bargaining, between unionized employees and their employers. Collective bargaining is further regulated by state statutes, administrative regulations and judicial decisions. When federal law and state laws address the same issues, federal law controls. Union Formation… Read more »

What Employers Should and Shouldn’t Ask during Job Interviews

For most people, the job interview process is always a little intimidating and awkward. However, it can quickly become much worse when a potential employer begins asking you inappropriate and improper questions. Most HR professionals know what they should and shouldn’t ask during the various states of the typical interview process, but when a potential… Read more »

Signs of Discrimination in Job Advertisements

While it is still a major problem, we have at least come to the point where we agree as a society that discrimination is wrong. Unfortunately, this means that, while few employers engage in overt discrimination in their hiring practices, indirect and subtle discrimination in hiring still occurs frequently. It should go without saying that… Read more »

Identifying Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is typically one of the more difficult types of discrimination to prove. For this reason, it is also one of the most pervasive kinds of employment discrimination taking place in the American workforce and job market today. As more companies turn toward favoring younger workers in all phases of their operations — from… Read more »

Accidental Discrimination is Still Discrimination | Discrimination Attorney NY-NJ-PA-FL

It is easy to assume that every instance of employment discrimination is based on deep-seated prejudice and a conscious desire to unfairly favor one group over another. The fact is, however, that a great many of the discriminatory practices that occur in the workplace are actually accidental. Nevertheless, this type of unintended discrimination is just… Read more »

Employer Defenses in Discrimination Suits

In practice, employment discrimination litigation involves a burden shifting system: the aggrieved employee must make an initial showing of discrimination called a prima facie case, and the employer can then present evidence to rebut this case or support a number of defenses that are available to it. In order to prevail, plaintiffs in employment discrimination… Read more »

Discrimination at the Employment Agency

Perhaps due to the struggling job market or the tendency of company’s to contract out functions they would have previously done in house, the participation of employment agencies in the job market has exploded in recent years. These companies recruit and provide temporary personnel to businesses in exchange for a fee. Because these organizations do… Read more »