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EEOC Lawsuit Charging United Airlines with Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a rampant issue as we have seen in the news and on social media. Some of the nation’s most beloved celebrities and public figures have been accused of sexual harassment, and major institutions have even been at the forefront of socio-political discussion as victims continue to  come forward. United… Read more »

Female Employee wins 200k from Purdue in a Sexual Harassment Settlement

Purdue University handles Sexual Harassment Complaints Indiana – A female employee, Mary Christine Alwan (Valparaiso woman), at Purdue University claims she suffered sexual harassment from two professors, David Brule, and Glenn Parker, on the West Lafayette campus. In addition to her employment with the university, Alwan was also a graduate student. A civil rights claim… Read more »

Sexual Harassment: Beech Bend Park Owner hit with a Third Lawsuit

Another Female Employee comes forth accusing Beech Bend Park Owner of Sexual Harassment Bowling Green – Dallas Jones, owner of Beach Bend Amusement Park, has been slammed with a third lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment. A current employee, Cheryl French, recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in Warren Circuit Court against Jones, the raceway,… Read more »

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office receives Strike 3 for Sexual Harassment

Third Female Employee Addresses Workplace Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. Jackson County, MO – An administrative assistant allegedly affected by workplace sexual harassment filed a discrimination complaint against the Jackson County sheriff’s office. Approximately a year after Jackson County sheriff’s office settled a sexual harassment complaint with one of their former employees, Christine L. Lynde, the… Read more »

One In Four American Women Sexually Harassed

Workplace Sexual harassment is extremely common for women and quite concerning for men in the United States today. It turns out that out of every four women, one of them has been the victim of sexual harassment at work –and a quarter of working men say that they worry about false claims of sexual harassment from… Read more »

3 Reasons Victims of Sexual Harassment Would Refuse To Report It

Why are Sexual Harassment Victims Afraid to Report Harassment? Sexual harassment can include a wide range of behaviors, including inappropriate touching, the display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, sexual joking, obscene comments, indecent exposure, sexual flirtations, advances or propositions, continued or repeated language of a sexual nature, rape, sexually charged emails, being offered employment benefits for… Read more »