Another Female Employee comes forth accusing Beech Bend Park Owner of Sexual Harassment

Bowling Green – Dallas Jones, owner of Beach Bend Amusement Park, has been slammed with a third lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment.

A current employee, Cheryl French, recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in Warren Circuit Court against Jones, the raceway, and the amusement park for the sexual harassment she suffered throughout her employment at the park. According to the sexual harassment lawsuit, French claims that she was subjected to “unwanted and unwelcome advances” by Jones during the park season in 2014 and 2015.
The lawsuit includes sexual harassment allegations stating that Jones inappropriately “touched and groped” French “on top and underneath her clothing,” which provided access to French’s naked “breasts and vaginal” space. Jones also allegedly coerced her to join in sexual activities involving physical contact with his penis.
During her employment with Beech Bend Park, French was struggling in the financial area of her life. Jones was allegedly aware of French’s financial position and her inability to resign from working at the park. Jones knowledge of French’s financial position might have placed her in a state of vulnerability.
It is very possible that Jones used French’s financial state to his personal advantage by using it as leverage to force French into “submitting to his offensive, unwanted and objectionable sexual misconduct.”

Jones denies French’s Allegations

The defense attorney representing Dallas Jones’ in the lawsuit clarified that his client will not be held responsible for any of French’s allegations. Jones is currently free from all legal penalties and criminal charges.
Both the defense attorney and his client find it puzzling that French filed a complaint for an issue she never reported prior to this sexual harassment lawsuit. According to the defense attorney, there is a reporting procedure available for work related issues, and there are no records indicating French made any complaints about sexual harassment. They also find it abnormal that an individual who have endured  ongoing suffering would continue to work at the park.
French’s sexual harassment attorney, argues that French kept her job at Beech Bend Park because she couldn’t afford to survive without her hourly job. In order to “make ends meet,” French had to tolerate the alleged sexual harassment until she found the strength to speak to someone about her unbearable experience. French is seeking compensatory, punitive, and other unspecified damages within the law as a result of this lawsuit.
As the pending litigation proceeds, Jones’ attorney will continue to fight on behalf of his client to dismiss these newfound allegations. Jones’ attorney stated, “We certainly deny the allegations that she’s made and look forward to vigorously defending this.”
Presently, Jones’ attorney is refraining from making any further comments regarding this case considering Dallas Jones and Beech Bend Park recently learned about these allegations through the Daily News. After a proper meeting takes place with Jones, his attorney, and the individuals representing the park, more information will be available.

What was the Outcome of the Other Two Sexual Harassment Lawsuits?

Two women, Connie Wilson and Jamie Summers, filed sexual harassment lawsuits against the defendant, Dallas Jones, in the Warren Circuit Court prior to French’s lawsuit. Wilson’s case concluded in 2014 with a settlement outside of court, and nearly all the court documents related to the lawsuit were closed shut by Judge John Grise’s orders.
Summers’ lawsuit is still processing. Based on Summers’ suit, Jones sexually harassed her by touching her, and when she requested that he stop, she claims he asked “if she liked her job.” In addition to the “unwelcome sexual advances and physical conduct of sexual nature at her workplace,” Summers explains that there has been an alleged violation of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act. The court will determine if that’s true.

Life after Workplace Sexual Harassment

It’s not easy for women to make an honest living with all the gender inequality still in existence. It’s twice as hard to make an honest living, when an individual is consistently battling a complicated boss or superior, depending on the profession. Women like French, Wilson, and Summers were allegedly compelled to tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. In French’s case, a financial position kept her quiet for a long time. Allow these three women to pave the way of what needs to be done in event that sexual harassment occurs. Reach out for help.

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