Third Female Employee Addresses Workplace Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.

Jackson County, MO – An administrative assistant allegedly affected by workplace sexual harassment filed a discrimination complaint against the Jackson County sheriff’s office.

Approximately a year after Jackson County sheriff’s office settled a sexual harassment complaint with one of their former employees, Christine L. Lynde, the administrative assistant, becomes the third employee to file a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Jackson County sheriff’s office is no stranger to alleged inappropriate workplace behavior. In the past, they have silenced the voice of the victim by agreeing to pay before their complaints converted into lawsuits and public scrutiny. As a condition of the lawsuit, confidentiality agreements were required to prevent future discussions regarding the allegations filed with the Missouri Human Rights Commission. Contrary to the previous payout arrangement, to the surprise of the sheriff’s office, Lynde’s case arrived in the latest news.

According to Lynde, the woman who previously received a payout for sexual harassment, Colonel Hugh Mills, “sheriff Sharp’s second in command”, and several unrevealed individuals were responsible for her harassment. Lynde stated that her sexual harassment commenced almost immediately after she started her employment in September 2013.

Should the truth be silenced?

Negative publicity taints the image of prominent organizations, especially those designed to protect and serve. As the painful truth travels to the surface, the plot thickens. Lynde goes on to explain that a previous payout recipient falsely accused her of sexual assault. The woman continues to allege that the issue took place at a motel rented for “a night after drinking.” Lynde was allegedly accused of shirt removal as well as urging a male acquaintance to capture inappropriate photos of the woman. Later on, the woman found her pants removed from her body with no recollection as to what placed her in that predicament according to the Lee Summit police.

The woman believed her situation was a result of her former coworkers, Sharp and Lynde, being allies. However, no evidence has ever been presented that proves her information factual. In addition to filing a formal complaint, Lynde expressed her complaint to Colonel Hugh Mills, who later made a decision to commit workplace retaliation. Colonel Hugh unethically described and referred to Lynde as a “strong-willed lesbian.” Adding insult to injury, he threatened to release Lynde’s personal information in the lavatories, and question her work as an employee.

Hugh Mills was not the only immoral person involved in Lynde’s case. Another male colleague, whose name remains confidential, also allegedly violated Lynde’s privacy with unwanted physical contact and addressing her by names other than her own. During the summer of 2014, Lynde’s vehicle was vandalized right on the sheriff’s department property.

Allegations Update

This month, Jackson County sheriff’s office repudiated Lynde’s allegations. While the lawsuit is still pending, Lynde is still employed with the Jackson County sheriff’s office and seeking compensation for her damages valuing more than $25,000 based on court documentation.

Many employees suffer in silence from sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. It is further exacerbated by the fear of job loss and branding. In order to eradicate these inexplicable actions, one must reach out for help.

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