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Mayor Tony Yarber named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Mayor Yarber’s Executive Assistant fired after Sexual Relations Mississippi – Sexual allegations have risen between the Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, Tony Yarber, and his former executive assistant, Kimberly Bracey. Bracey accused the Mayor of sexual harassment in a hostile work environment. Bracey alleged that ending the consensual acts triggered her termination. Bracey commenced her position… Read more »

Queens Mall Supervisor Forces Penis into Employee’s Hands

Janitors have a responsibility to clean up trash and bring sanitary order to places; but two janitors who worked for a large mall in Queens, NY, did the complete opposite.  They made a huge mess! Sandra Douglas, a worker at the mall who was employed from Sept 2013 to June 2014 filed a $1 million… Read more »

Shampoo Maker Pantene Philippines Shines Through

What do shampoo and gender labels have in common? Probably nothing, but a commercial launched late last year opens the door for discussing something more than bounce and body. In November 2013, Pantene Philippines aired a video that quickly went viral. At just over a minute, there is no dialogue but plenty is said. Described… Read more »