Mayor Yarber’s Executive Assistant fired after Sexual Relations

Mississippi – Sexual allegations have risen between the Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, Tony Yarber, and his former executive assistant, Kimberly Bracey. Bracey accused the Mayor of sexual harassment in a hostile work environment. Bracey alleged that ending the consensual acts triggered her termination.

Bracey commenced her position as an executive assistant for Mayor Yarber in April 2014 after his election. The following month Bracey revealed her separation from her husband. During the same month, Bracey and Mayor Yarber began their sexual affair in spite of the marital union each individual shared with their significant other according to the sexual harassment lawsuit.

According to Bracey, Mayor Yarber is also the minister who presided her marriage and personal friend to her husband. Bracey alleged he was responsible for causing problems in her marriage. In addition to having sexual relations with Bracey, Mayor Yarber was accused of being sexually involved with other women including a City Attorney.

In July 2014, Bracey decided to end her relationship with Mayor Yarber. The sexual harassment complaint states, “Yarber began forcing Plaintiff to continue the sexual relationship by making it clear that she could be terminated if she did not have sex with him.” Bracey expressed that her family relied on her income, and at the present time she didn’t have an alternative position that paid the salary she was accustomed to in order fulfill her personal financial requirements.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Mayor Yarber continued to request sexual favors from Bracey. The sexual harassment suit also claims, the mayor requested for Bracey to find women who would be willing to provide him with oral sex “in exchange for guaranteed employment.” This particular sexual arrangement is an example of quid pro quo sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs any time an employer offers the “this for that” exchange. In other words, the only way for women to receive a job is to provide a sexual service.

Sexual Harassment at Remote Locations

The sexual harassment lawsuit exposed the workplace misconduct that took place during private excursions to various locations hosted by Atlanta businesswoman, Mitzi Bickers towards the end of 2014. Ms. Bickers was accused of scheduling women to have sexual interactions with Mayor Yarber. On another occasion, Ms. Bickers paid for a trip to a strip club. Bracey said she was instructed to “watch the door where Mayor Yarber and one of the strippers went in to be alone.”

Attending an event at a strip club was not a part of Bracey’s job description, but the fear of losing her job coerced her to show up and follow directions accordingly. Ms. Bickers allegedly hosted “fundraisers” that failed to present a financial report. According to the sexual harassment lawsuit, strippers were present during the fundraiser with paint covering their bodies. Ms. Bickers denied the sexual harassment allegations.

Individuals who feel trapped in a hostile work environment including consistent sexual harassment should seek the help of a sexual harassment attorney for legal guidance out of the horrendous predicament.

In April 2015, Bracey asserts she rebuffed Mayor Yarber’s unwelcome sexual requests. She alleged that she no longer wanted to engage in his sexual habit. Immediately following Bracey’s rejection, she alleged that she was “falsely accused” of utilizing city resources for personal reasons. Bracey says she was terminated shortly after the false accusations surfaced. According to Bracey, she had permission to use the city’s resources.

Although Mayor Yarber attempted to blame his decision to terminate Yaber on false accusations, the sexual harassment lawsuit stated, “In truth, Plaintiff was terminated for refusing the sexual advances of Tony Yarber.” In addition, Bracey’s personal email account was invaded by the city to provide confirmation to the false accusations.

Bracey expressed that her privacy was violated on numerous occasions. As a result of the sexual harassment lawsuit, she intends to seek compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees, with the legal assistance of a sexual harassment attorney, in the event that the city does not grant her reinstatement. The city plans to defend Bracey’s sexual harassment allegations “vigorously.”

Sexual Harassment Attorney

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