Janitors have a responsibility to clean up trash and bring sanitary order to places; but two janitors who worked for a large mall in Queens, NY, did the complete opposite.  They made a huge mess!

Sandra Douglas, a worker at the mall who was employed from Sept 2013 to June 2014 filed a $1 million sexual harassment lawsuit last Wednesday. The suit, filed in the Bronx Supreme Court alleges that a male supervisor who worked at the Jamaica Colosseum Mall continually subjected Ms. Douglas to groping in the center’s restroom.
According to the criminal complaint, supervisor, Tito Bonilla coerced his private parts into Douglas’s hand on at least two occasions and threatened that she would be terminated if she did not comply with his sexual demands.
The court papers stated that Douglas was being sexually harassed by Bonilla’s manager, Jean Petigny, who would hold his groin as he propositioned her for sexual favors.
The court papers state that the 51 –year-old grandmother was discharged when she attempted to complain about the lewd acts of harassment.
Douglas’ attorney had this to say: “No employee should have to choose between enduring repeated sexual assaults and losing the job that feeds her family.”

New York City Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Here at the employment law firm of the Derek Smith Law Group, our New York City sexual harassment lawyers agree that no employee should be subject to the unlawful acts of sexual harassment while trying to work.
Working in a peaceful job environment that is free from sexual harassment and any other form of hostility, is not a privilege.  It’s the right of every male and female employee no matter where he or she works.  The obligation to provide that type of workplace legally lies in the hands of the employer.
If there is someone or something making you feel uncomfortable or interrupting your job duties at work, then it is important you report the person to Human Resources or to the appropriate individual in charge.
While the law may not prevent simple teasing, offhanded comments, or isolated incidents that are not very serious, harassment is illegal when it is constant or serious enough to create a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the employee being demoted or fired).
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