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Ethnic Discrimination Attorneys in New York City


New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia are some of the most diverse places in the world. As part of a nation that welcomes immigrants, the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia public represents a wide range of cultures and nationalities in the world.

While most New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia residents live and work together in peace, there are instances where people do experience unfair treatment and ethnic discrimination in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. In addition to being unkind, ethnic discrimination in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia is a crime. If you have specific questions regarding different types of discrimination based on ethnicity, the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia employment discrimination attorneys at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC are here to help.
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New York Discrimination laws prohibit Ethnic Discrimination

Ethnic Discrimination Attorneys NY-NJ-PA

There are many laws on the books that prohibit New York City ethnic discrimination. At the federal level, one of the most significant laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The law prohibits discrimination in New York based on gender, race, and other attributes.  New York discrimination lawyers at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC can advise you of your rights.

Ethnic discrimination lawyers in New York City ready to help

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on the following criteria:

  • Affiliation: Harassing or otherwise discriminating because an individual is affiliated with a particular religious or ethnic group
  • Physical or cultural traits and clothing: Harassing or otherwise discriminating because of physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics, such as accent or dress associated with a particular religion, ethnicity, or country of origin
  • Perception: Harassing or otherwise discriminating because of the perception or belief that a person is a member of a particular racial, national origin, or religious group whether or not that perception is correct
  • Association: Harassing or otherwise discriminating because of association with a person or organization of a particular religion or ethnicity

Our New York discrimination attorneys can further explain and guide you through the different types of discrimination and what options are available to you if you wish to pursue a legal case. Know your rights and get the facts. Your discrimination attorney in New York City at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC can help.


The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits employers from discriminating against an employee because of their ethnicity. The law is designed to promote free and safe work environments in the State of New Jersey. The LAD makes it unlawful to engage in an employment practice or procedure that treats an individual less favorably based on their ethnicity. This policy pertains to employment practices such as recruitment, selections, hiring, training, promotion, transfer, assignments, layoffs, and other similar employment activities.

Further, the LAD prohibits making derogatory marks and demeaning references regarding a person’s ethnicity. Under the LAD, an employee who believes they have been subjected to any form of prohibited discrimination is encouraged to promptly report the incident to a supervisor or directly to the State agency’s Equal Employment Opportunity Action Officer. The skilled attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, Pllc, have years of experience bringing employment discrimination claims in New Jersey. Our experienced attorneys work tirelessly for our clients to ensure each of clients gets the representation they deserve.


Philadelphia’s anti-discrimination laws are designed to protect individual’s basic rights to fair and equal treatment in the workplace. The City’s anti-discrimination laws protect against discrimination by former, current and potential employers as well as labor unions and employment agencies. The law not only extends to current employers, but potential employers as well.

Under the City law, ethnicity refers to membership in a particular cultural group. The city defines this as sharing cultural practices, including but not limited to holidays, food, language and customs. Often, a person’s ethnicity overlaps with a person’s ancestry. Much like ancestry discrimination, ethnicity discrimination often overlaps with national origin discrimination, but the two are not always synonymous. If you feel you have been discriminated against because of your ethnicity, please contact the employment discrimination attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, Pllc, we are willing to work with you to get the representation you deserve.

Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC defends victims of New York City discrimination

Following the tragic events of September 11, many ethnic groups suffer from discrimination simply because of the way they look or dress. If you believe you experienced ethnic discrimination in New York City, Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC offers a skillful legal team of experienced New York City discrimination lawyers that can fight for you.

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Ethnic discrimination laws mandate that in employment, employers must treat all workers on an equal basis regardless of their cultural associations or personal traits. The following links lead to information about common types of discrimination in the workplace:

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