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Advertising Industry subjects Women to Sexual Harassment

Over Half of Women in Advertising endure Sexual Harassment New York City – A survey conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) discovered that roughly half of 375 who participated and responded in the survey experienced workplace sexual harassment on one occasion. The survey consisted of a variety of employment levels. Thirty-three percent… Read more »

Mountain View Police Chief Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Female SWAT Team Dispatcher files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Mountain View – Max Bosel, Mountain View police chief, was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit, filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court, for allegedly playing a major role in the sexual harassment of Annie Lohman, a SWAT team dispatcher. Annie Lohman stated that her sexual harassment took… Read more »

Can I Bring My Sexual Harassment Case to the NYC Commission on Human Rights?

A New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Answers Your NY, NJ & PA Questions If you work in New York City, state, federal, and city laws uphold your employment rights. But what exactly does that mean when it comes to filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. With so many options, where do you go for help?… Read more »