Female SWAT Team Dispatcher files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Mountain View – Max Bosel, Mountain View police chief, was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit, filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court, for allegedly playing a major role in the sexual harassment of Annie Lohman, a SWAT team dispatcher.

Annie Lohman stated that her sexual harassment took place two years after her employment with the Mountain View SWAT Department commenced in 2003. Lohman’s lawsuit confidently claims that Max Bosel and his other SWAT team members consistently sexually harassed her with “sexually explicit banter, lewd jokes, nudity, and simulated sexual acts.” The specific details of Lohman’s legal case have been concealed. Lohman’s sexual harassment lawyer, said his client was “exposed to some real ugly stuff,” which explains why Annie Lohman is requesting an exorbitant amount of money in this lawsuit.

How did Max Bosel Actions Continue Overtime?

Like most individuals who experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, Annie Lohman was afraid of losing her job. After all, Max Bosel was “Chief Bosel,” the head SWAT team leader. She tolerated the sexual harassment and misconduct from Max Bosel and the other SWAT team members for as long as she could, but something had to give. As long as Annie kept tight lipped, Max Bosel’s workplace indiscretions remained undetected. Although Annie was suffering beneath the surface, she never allowed her negative experience to prevent her from fulfilling her expected work performance.
Contrary to a normal love story, Annie found love in a SWAT team officer who holds no relation to her lawsuit. Annie Lohman and her significant other eventually married which provided Annie Lohman with the courage to resist the continuous sexual harassment at work. Max Bosel was not too fond of Annie Lohman’s new union that provoked her resistance. The lawsuit states Max Bosel no longer viewed Annie Lohman as a “willing participant in his misconduct.” Annie Lohman’s workplace issues included “sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and a hostile work environment.” After Annie reported her workplace problems to Human Resources, they took an approach to have Annie Lohman’s work ethic, performance, and conduct investigated. After a thorough investigation, evidence confirmed that Annie was not at fault for any misconduct in the workplace. Annie Lohman successfully passed the “unrealistic and unfair” test.

The Response from Superiors Appears Unfavorable to Annie Lohman Allegations

Dan Rich, Mountain View city manager, in an online statement on the city’s website indicated that Annie Lohman’s sexual harassment lawsuit lacked supporting evidence. He went on to explain that all departments of the city uphold their core values that include “respect and integrity.” It is clear that Annie Lohman, the 38-year-old SWAT team dispatcher, has yet to receive the support from her superiors in the SWAT department since filing her lawsuit with the Santa Clara County Superior Court.
Dan Rich further explained that unprofessional misbehavior of any kind is not tolerated by the department, and does not go without notice. He stated that these values apply to all employees on and off duty. According to NBC Bay Area, Dan Rich acknowledged and admitted that there was some “inappropriate behavior,” but the lack of evidence leads him to stand by Max Bosel’s defense.

Annie Lohman Wants to Return to Work

Since February 2015, Annie Lohman was “placed on paid administrative leave” until further notice. In order to return to work, she was required to accept a demotion she did not deserve that may come with a downward shift in pay. Annie Lohman’s lawsuit may have lacked the content necessary to terminate Max Bosel employment with the Mountain View Police Department. However, her attorney is still holding the confidential details that were too “lustful” for the public for the workplace sexual harassment she has experienced over time. Hopefully justice will prevail.
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