Sara Keane is committed to advocating for the rights of people in her community. This commitment helped guide her towards advocating for the employment rights of anyone dealing with discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Before joining the Derek Smith Law Group, Sara interned with the City Attorney’s Office of National City. There, she assisted with property issues, government contracts, and advising the City Council members on operating their social media accounts constitutionally.

She also presided over the Public Interest Law Foundation at the University of San Diego, where she organized fundraisers to raise money to support students who wanted to work in the public interest. She was also the co-president of Law Students for Cross-Racial Understanding, a student organization that would hold events and discussions regarding race and the law.

Sara worked in several pro-bono advocate groups in her community by volunteering at the Special Education and Disability Clinic, Elder Law & Advocacy, and the Southern California Immigration Project. In these positions, she fought for people who had been discriminated against, severely wronged, or both. Knowing that many of her clients had suffered traumatic experiences, Sara also received her mental health first aid certification to better assist her clients.

To further hone her advocacy and writing skills, Sara clerked at a civil rights law firm specializing in police brutality litigation. There, she saw how the litigation process worked when fighting for people who had been discriminated against, assaulted, battered, or killed by law enforcement officers. Due to her work experience, Sara learned how to channel her outrage into being a fierce and effective advocate for her clients.

Sara uses her experience and her passion for civil rights to help fight for her clients’ rights.

In her free time, Sara enjoys listening to music, hiking, and playing board games. She also loves to play with her dog.


State Court(s): California


College: University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Major in Public Law, Minor in Psychology

Law School: University of San Diego School of Law, Juris Doctor


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