Water Department Employees retire during Sexual Harassment Investigation

Florida – Timothy E. Johnson, utility technician, and Ronald Calderoni, senior team leader, were recently named in a sexual harassment complaint in the Tampa Water Department. Johnson has worked for the company for 17 years, and Calderoni has been employed for 34 years. As a result of the sexual harassment complaint and their long-term history of being excellent employees, both individuals decided to enter an early retirement as opposed to facing termination.

According to the sexual harassment complaint, the gentlemen subjected Brandy Harrison, co-worker, to sexual harassment. The sexual harassment complaint says Harrison received unwanted comments and text messages from her co-workers. Although the men were outstanding employees, their sexual harassment developed a hostile work environment.

The workplace officials claim Johnson engaged in sexual gift-giving and left a note informing Harrison that he purchased and left a “pair of panties” on her desk. Harrison said she also received text messages from Johnson that stated, “Damn you are so sexy.” Harrison said she rejected Johnson’s sexual approach, and he continued to harass her.

Johnson received a warning from city officials regarding his misbehavior. They informed him that his workplace misconduct could lead to disciplinary actions at work and a police report if he doesn’t end the sexual harassment and refrain from all communication with Harrison outside of the workplace. In spite of the warning, Harrison reported that she still received inappropriate messages from Johnson with visual proof that confirmed Johnson’s denial.

Court records stated that Calderoni was Harrison’s supervisor, she confided in him about the effect Johnson’s sexual harassment was having on her. She said the sexual harassment “was making her very uncomfortable at work.” Harrison later informed Human Resources that Calderoni also was a part of the problem.

During a time he introduced her, Calderoni said, “Isn’t she pretty? Isn’t she fine?” The statement made Harrison feel uncomfortable. In addition to the unpleasant statement, Harrison said she received text messages from Calderoni that did not apply to work. She also alleged that Calderoni tried to “kiss” her. A notice of disciplinary action highlighted that Calderoni also ask  Harrison to “dance for us” at a birthday celebration.

The city Human Resources director said if the gentlemen didn’t retire, they would’ve been dismissed from the workplace. Baffled by the sexual harassment in the workplace, other employees claimed they wouldn’t encourage their daughters to get a job in the Water Department. Harrison informed her co-workers that she feared to report the sexual harassment considering she could lose her job. The city officials confirmed that Calderoni admitted to making a statement about Harrison losing her job. Employees do not deserve to be sexually harassed, and in the event that sexual harassment occurs, you should seek a sexual harassment lawyer immediately.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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