Multiple Female Patients report Sexual Harassment by the same Doctor

California – Dr. Manuel Tanguma from Graybill Medical Group located in San Marcos has been accused of sexually harassing several elderly patients during their medical visits. The women claimed that Dr. Tanguma often approached them unexpectedly with sexual advances.

A woman named Michelle said, “I wasn’t prepared for this at all because this was my doctor.” As a widow, at the age of 70, Michelle expected nothing less than respect and treatment during her visit. Michelle said the misconduct commenced in July 2013 when she selected Dr. Tanguma to be her new “primary care” physician.
Michelle alleged that she experienced unwanted physical contact from Dr. Tanguma. She said “He took both my hands in both of his hands and tried to be consoling and reassuring.” Michelle claims Dr. Tanguma followed up with “sexual questions.” According to the news, Michelle had a urinary tract infection that needed to be treated. Instead, she faced sexual harassment that totally disregarded the purpose of her visit.
Initially, Michelle claimed that she wasn’t alarmed by her doctor’s actions. She thought his inappropriate questions were “medical questions.” By the time Michelle had her third visit with the accused doctor, Michelle said she updated Dr. Tanguma on her latest hospitalization. After Michelle spoke, she alleged that her doctor moved closer to her, grabbed her hands, and leaned in for a soft kiss on her lips. His actions left Michelle in a helpless state of mind.
The workplace misconduct did not stop there. Michelle said Dr. Tanguma complimented her by calling her “beautiful,” then later informed her that she allowed him to relive his high school days. Michelle had no clue what would occur next. She told the news that Dr. Tanguma, “stood up, unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his erect penis.” She said he asked her to touch it, and she rejected his sexual request, which caused Dr. Tanguma to depart from Michelle’s presence.
Michelle decided to report the sexual harassment to the hospital administration after Dr. Tanguma caused her to have another traumatizing experience.
Although Dr. Tanguma was allegedly terminated from the Graybill Medical Group, Michelle decided to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Graybill Medical Group and Dr. Tanguma. Michelle’s sexual harassment attorney stated that Dr. Tanguma is under investigation by the Medical Group.
In addition to facing Michelle’s sexual harassment lawsuit, another sexual harassment complaint was filed against Dr. Tanguma on behalf of a different female patient who endured similar sexual harassment. The patient asserts that she was “kissed and touched” without her consent.
These women suffered from sexual harassment by one person they trusted and believed they could count to monitor their health and provide solutions to health problems that develop with age. Michelle claims that Dr. Tanguma “failed to diagnose her diabetes,” and it’s time to revoke his “title.” A hearing has been scheduled for July to determine if Dr. Tanguma’s license will be removed.
The decision to transition this case into criminal case via the district attorney’s office has yet to be determined, according to a Graybill Medical Board representative.

Is Workplace Misconduct worth losing a Medical Title?

The simple answer is “No.” However individuals that violate the personal space of people in a work environment appear to be willing to take the risk. Following the code of conduct becomes difficult when people with power in any employment division feels entitled to have what they desire. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator’s satisfaction comes at the victim’s expense. Sexual harassment will continue to happen until employees and/or non-employees affected by sexual harassment speak up.

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