New York City – Our NYC sexual harassment lawyers have just learned of a major lawsuit filed against a Wall Street financier. Swedish-born Hanna Bouveng is seeking $75 million in damages due to allegations of rampant and serious sexual harassment on the job.

24-year-old Bouveng worked for Benjamin Wey at New York Global Communications as a director of corporate communications. In her suit, she claims that Wey was a “virulent sexual harasser and stalker.” He bought her “tight skirts” and “low-cut shirts” to wear around the office. She alleges he made lewd sexual remarks and repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances.

She claims she was fired after she rejected his come-ons.
Bouveng also alleges she felt “trapped” into having sex with Wey in December 2013 after he got her drunk.

Young female workers in NYC susceptible to sexual harassment

Many college graduates come to New York in hopes of using their education and intelligence to build a successful career. Unfortunately, in this land of opportunity, young women are being taken advantage of. Many feel they have to sacrifice this
Despite this sad fact, you don’t have to accept the abuse. You have the law on your side. You can fight back against:

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