Chef alleges Medina Golf Club condones Workplace Misconduct

Minnesota – Adam Proulx, former chef, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Medina Golf Club for the sexual harassment he endured. In addition to enduring sexual harassment, Proulx alleged wage and hour violations for unpaid labor.
The sexual harassment lawsuit states Proulx was employed with Medina Golf Club for less than a year. During his time at the golf club, he alleged he experienced unwanted physical contact by the kitchen manager. Proulx claims the unwanted physical contact consisted of the kitchen manager rubbing his genitals against Proulx’s body.
Same sex sexual harassment might not be as common as sexual harassment between two individuals of the opposite sex, but it is still illegal. Although Proulx’s sexual preference have not been disclosed, a male manager allegedly touching a male employee could potentially send mixed signals to individuals who happen to witness the workplace misconduct. As a result of the manager’s misbehavior, Proulx’s personal and professional life could be damaged.
Proulx said he reported the sexual harassment to the executive manager, Chad Kestner, for three incidents that took place, and the executive manager allegedly ignored the report. Instead, he informed Proulx, “some things in this industry you just have to deal with and work past.” Surprisingly, reporting sexual harassment to upper management turned out to be a dead end for Proulx.
Sexual harassment was only one of Proulx’s work related issues. Proulx reported being over worked and underpaid along with many other hourly workers. Proulx claims his employer reduced their pay by 45 minutes daily for a lunch break the managers’s fail to allow them to have. Although the kitchen could have been far too busy to take scheduled breaks, there’s always a way to regulate the chaos. The employer could’ve taken a different approach and compensated the employees for their time on the clock. As long as the employees were working, they should’ve been paid according to their hourly rate. In the event that working through breaks exceeded forty hours a weeks, the employees should’ve received time and one half of compensation according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Proulx departed from Medina Golf Club last February under a mutual agreement with the golf club. According to the sexual harassment lawyer representing Proulx, “He had done the most he felt that he could do, by reporting it up the chain of command.” The sexual harassment lawyer also stated, “when you’ve complained and you’re forced to come back to work, that certainly affects somebody in a significant way.”

Medina Golf Club Responds

Presently, the managerial staff has not released a statement regarding the pending litigation. They also refrained from issuing a requested copy of Proulx’s employment contact. The defendant’s attorney denied the sexual harassment allegations on his client’s behalf by informing the public that Medina Golf Club “prohibits sexual harassment.” The defendant’s attorney also reiterated the golf club’s instructions that require employees to report sexual harassment to the supervisor or manager on duty. As far as the work breaks are concerned, the golf club alleged that employee compensation is important to the company according to the golf club’s written policy, and Proulx’s wage and hour allegation do not correspond with his “pay records.”
The golf club response to the sexual harassment lawsuit indicated Medina did not have enough evidence to confirm Proulx endured sexual harassment, the reports he claimed he filed, or the negligence on the executive manager’s side. Due to the lack of evidence present, the defendant’s attorney is requesting a case dismissal.

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