One out of every Two Train Passengers face Harassment

New York City – A recent statistic revealed that harassment on the Subways in NYC have soared to 50%. Individuals are being subjected to more harassment this year than they endured last year. The harassment includes unwanted physical contact, tasteless images and video footage, inappropriate exposure, and unpleasant surveillance.
The more the public refrains from reporting the crimes that take place on the Subway, there’s a chance that the crime rate will continue to increase. According to the NYPD Chief of Police, people tend to decide against reporting incidents of harassment because they often feel “embarrassed, intimidated, or less confident.” It is up to the individuals who protect and serve the community to restore their trust. If the community continues to believe that harassment is an action that happens and the law will not take the harassment complaints seriously, the ongoing cycle will not stop.
As a result of the community’s concerns, the NYPD Chief of Police informed the New York Times that harassment cases are being recorded and thoroughly investigated as the reports enter their presence. The change in the way the law handles harassment cases have increased the amount sex offenders in custody as well as the number of victims, especially women who are reporting their harassment incidents now that civilians can trust that someone will defend their rights against the misconduct on the NYC Subways.
Currently, the NYPD has received more than 450 crime reports regarding sexual harassment. At this rate, it is very possible that this year will conclude with approximately 900-1000 similar crimes. The Chief of Police said, “Few men know this crime exists, but far too many women do.“ Spreading the word about what’s going on in the NYC Subways will alert individuals about the major issue, help them protect themselves, and encourage them to speak up on behalf of their personal experiences and other experiences they might have witnessed. A change in the rise in harassment will not occur overnight, however, the increase in reports and the effort the NYPD is putting into resolving the problems may gradually decrease the numbers.

Does Harassment affect NYC Subway Employees?

Yes, New York City employees may face a greater amount of harassment than the passengers. Employees are not only required to work on the subways, they also ride as passengers. As passengers, they fall underneath the 50%. As employees, the amount of sexual harassment that occurs at work remains unknown. Most employees who suffer from sexual harassment or any form harassment prefer to keep the peace and avoid a hostile work environment, workplace retaliation and termination, or wage loss.
Sexual harassment can come from a co-worker, supervisor, or a non-employee affiliated with the company. A victim can also experience sexual harassment from a group of individuals at work. Sexual harassment comes from all different angles including sexual jokes, unwanted physical touching, and stalking. Regardless of how the sexual harassment takes place, it is morally wrong and illegal.

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