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Jorge Hechavarria believes in lending his voice and time to individuals normally silenced or ignored. This belief system led him to a career in law. He knew, as an attorney, he could stand up for people who were silenced or ignored at work and beyond.

To begin his legal journey into helping others, Jorge’s first internship was with the AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP). The panel provided free legal services to those with HIV and AIDS. He worked with clients from a multitude of backgrounds and life situations. Throughout his time with ALRP he also volunteered for various events that helped fund the organization’s work.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Jorge lends his time to different organizations that support his community. He takes part in cleanup projects and various fundraising events. Additionally, in the past, he spent time volunteering as a youth mentor for LGBTQ+ youth.

While at the Golden Gate University School of Law, Jorge spent time working in the Women’s Employment Rights Clinic. It was in this position he developed a true passion for helping employees with discrimination and harassment claims.

Jorge further honed his writing skills and knowledge of the litigation process through clerking with the Honorable Judge Laurel Beeler of the Northern District of California. There, he saw the litigation process play out for many victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment. He learned the process from behind the bench, helping him guide his clients to meet the expectations of the judge and jury.

In his free time, Jorge likes to spend time with his close-knit family. He also has a love for dense works of literature. When Jorge has a few extra minutes, he enjoys physical activity and staying as physically active as possible.


State Court (s): California


College: University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Law School: Golden Gate University School of Law, Juris Doctor


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