A Japanese Government Study reveals Reality for Japanese Working Women

Japan – A Japanese study highlights that one-third of women in the workplace endure sexual harassment. An alarming number of these women may have experienced multiple forms of sexual harassment while at work.

The survey results exceeded a whopping 9,600 responses. The 18% response rate proved key in analyzing the unscrupulous activities behind closed doors. Twenty-nine percent of those who responded were actual victims of sexual harassment. One out of every three Japanese employed women is commonly affected by sexual harassment with regard to their age or appearance, unwanted physical contact, or some form of sexual questioning. The study elaborates on the sexually harassed respondents highlighting three common forms that indicate 54% of women are affected by age and appearance, 40% of women suffer from unwanted physical contact, and 38% of women are questioned sexually.

The World Economic Report: Japan ranks 101 out of 145 countries in gender equality

The world economic report ranks gender equality according to health care for women, a substantial amount of education available, economics, and politics. According to the world economic report, Japan ranks 101 out of 145 countries in gender equality for providing ministerial positions for women. The Prime Mister, Shinzo Abe, continues to uphold the “pillar of policy” that motivates women to work and obtain professional growth as Japan’s political ranking continues to move upward. As other countries strive to achieve gender equality, Japan continues to climb the chart.
Japan is doing a phenomenal job providing jobs for women. The country also plans to help more women enter leadership roles in 2020. Currently, there is still some work that needs to be done. Firstly, in order to achieve that remarkable accomplishment, Japan has to improve their wage equality. Their somewhat slow approach to this issue single-handedly hinders their ability to rank higher globally. Secondly, employing women who are overworked or underpaid defeats the purpose of gender equality. It also creates a window for sexual harassment to interfere with their comfort in the workplace in the event that a woman is viewed as inferior to another employee.

What is the Motive behind Sexual Harassment and Assault?

Some people may view the motive behind sexual harassment as an achievement of selfish pleasure coupled with the ability to get away with it. The motive could also be one’s desire for control or possibly stem from emotions that a previous partner cannot escape. They tend to convince themselves that their actions were out of love, not harm. According to the U.S. Department of Justice survey on National Crime Victimization, a familiar face sexually assaults 4 out of every 5 women, and a stranger assault 1 out of every 5 women.

Victims of sexual harassment or assault are encouraged to seek help from an experienced sexual harassment lawyer and a counselor to cope with their tragedy. Conversing about one’s past will not reverse the devastating moment, but it could help release the anger and provide healing options an individual is unaware of.

Your Voice Matters

Silence is a virtue that should not be treated as a vice. Women in the workplace have a voice that should be heard in more leadership roles. Instead, a third of their meek voices are heard through claims and complaints about sexual harassment in Japan. Talking about sexual harassment in the work environment creates discomfort. Well, let’s roll up our sleeves and get uncomfortable. Let’s talk about employment sexual harassment and how it directly affects gender equality in the workplace.

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