Long Term Employee accused the Boss of Sexual Harassment

New Jersey – A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in Ocean County (Little Egg Harbor) against David Johnson, former executive director at Little Egg Harbor Municipal Utilities Authority, for allegedly sexually harassing an ex-employee, Nicole Kelley.
Kelley’s allegations of sexual harassment by Johnson claim incidents not only occurred in the workplace, but locations outside the workplace including a night club in the presence of Kelley’s friends, and Kelley’s residence, unannounced and uninvited.
According to the lawsuit, another incident took place in December 2012. Kelley and friends were in Tuckerton at the Sea Oaks Country Club when Johnson allegedly approached her inebriated requesting to be her “sugar daddy” along with endless attempts to physically touch Kelley.
In addition to Johnson’s inappropriate behavior inside the Sea Oaks Country Club, he later trailed behind Kelley to the parking lot until he managed to “forcibly kiss her.” Even though Kelley declined Johnson’s persistent pursuits, he continued to chase after her.
Based on the sexual harassment lawsuit, Kelley’s consistent rejection to Johnson’s “unwanted advances,” allegedly led him to retaliate against her through “routine discipline” without a purpose. The hostile work environment caused Kelley’s doctor to place her on a medical leave.

Kelley’s Termination led to a 140k Settlement

Kelly became an employee at the Municipal Utilities Authority in 2000. After 14 years of working as a senior clerk who transitioned into a purchasing agent, Kelley was terminated from her position in May 2014 on the basis of allegedly “making unauthorized copies of Open Public Records Act requests.”
Johnson eventually retired as well in 2014 from his executive position where he earned $205,526 a year prior to the sexual harassment lawsuit Kelley filed against him. Johnson is currently 66 years old residing in Little Egg Harbor. New Jersey public records indicate he’s collecting a $103,051 yearly pension.
Both parties decided to settle this matter outside of court with a confidential agreement that the terms of the case are not to be discussed after the settlement. The insurer of Little Egg Harbor will pay $125,000 and the township will cover the remaining $15,000. Kelley will receive a total of $140,000 for her troubles, and Johnson receives a clean slate. Sadly, the allegations will be abandoned.
Although Kelley received a settlement from her sexual harassment lawsuit, there were no legal consequences that will prevent Johnson from allegedly sexually harassing another victim. Most people will see that Kelley received $140K and believe only a positive outcome can come from this settlement when in actuality, she has to live the rest of her life knowing the stress and sexual harassment she endured has been silenced by a dollar bill.

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