Eric Heidrich sues Bellmawr for the Wrongful Termination of his Employment

New Jersey – In 2009, Eric Heidrich, former Emergency Medical Technician, started his full time employment in Bellmawr. In addition to his full time position, Eric Heidrich was also employed part-time as an EMT in Deptford. The lawsuit states that Eric Heidrich “experienced the pointing of a handgun in his face by an unknown man” during a work shift for Deptford in 2010.
This unforeseen incident led Eric Heidrich to his worker’s compensation from his part-time job in Deptford. Eric Heidrich remained employed at his full time job in Bellmawr while he received his worker’s compensation from his part-time job. A year later Charles Hannum, Eric Heidrich’s supervisor in Bellmawr, approached Eric Heidrich and informed him that he believed he was “mentally unfit and a liability” for his job duties. Although medical evidence and expertise proving Charles Hannum’s observations to be accurate was absent, Eric Heidrich was sent home immediately following that conversation.
Eric Heidrich suspension from his EMT position in Bellmawr occurred next due to the worker’s compensation he received from the township of Deptford while he was employed in Bellmawr, not claims of being “mentally unfit or a liability.” Charles Hannum was aware of this payout arrangement prior to Eric Heidrich’s suspension and he still proceeded to penalize him as if he recently discovered Eric Heidrich’s worker’s compensation payout. In the beginning of 2013, Eric Heidrich was terminated for allegedly being a “liability.”

How was Eric Heidrich Wrongfully Terminated?

There was no mysterious regarding the worker’s compensation payout Eric Heidrich received from his part time job in Deptford. According to Charles Hannum’s claim of Eric Heidrich’s suspension, it appears that he was cognizant of the payout Heidrich received and the payout was not grounds for termination. Later, Charles Hannum decided to terminate Eric Heidrich on the terms of being “mentally unfit for his duties and a liability,” without medical proof. Charles Hannum’s perception of Eric Heidrich’s alleged disability that labeled Eric Heidrich as a “liability” led him to wrongfully terminate him. Employers like Charles Hannum reserve the right to freely terminate employees for any reason. However, there are laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities that will protect people like Eric Heidrich from wrongful termination. In Eric Heidrich’s defense, he was terminated for being a “liability.”
As stated on, during Eric Heidrich’s wrongful termination, he acquired “monetary and personal damages,” according to the lawsuit. In exchange for the claims against Bellmawr to be discarded, Eric Heidrich was awarded a $32,500 check in the settlement.

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