Many harassment victims aren’t sure whether their experience is serious enough to warrant serious action. In some cases, the solution is simply telling the harasser to stop. Severe situations may require filing a lawsuit or charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The attorneys at Derek Smith Law Group help clients in and around New York City resolve their sexual harassment case efficiently and effectively. We understand you are going through a difficult time, and our attorneys want to ensure you take the best route possible to get your life back on track.
Here are some general tips regarding how to handle harassment at work and when to speak up:

When to tell the harasser to stop:

  • Sexual advances are unwelcome
  • Comments, jokes, or teasing makes you uncomfortable
  • Pictures, emails, text messages, or other pictorial or written communication makes you uncomfortable
  • Harasser touches you without your consent

When to report the harassment to Human Resources or your supervisor:

  • The harassment continues, despite your protestations
  • Harassment was severe in nature
  • Harassment constituted criminal activity

When to contact a New York City attorney:

  • Harassment was criminal in nature
  • Human Resources or your supervisor did not effectively address the harassment
  • The harassment continues, despite you telling the harasser to stop and reporting the behavior
  • You are fired, demoted, or treated unfairly for reporting harassment

To sue for sexual harassment, you must show that you were subjected to conduct that was sexual in nature and the conduct was unwelcome. You must also prove the behavior was either severe or pervasive. Lastly, the harassment must have either dramatically affected the conditions of your employment or created a hostile work environment.

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