Sexual Harassment by a Co-worker

Florida – Trump’s perspective on the way women should respond to workplace sexual harassment is to find a new job. No woman is exempt from his views, not even his own daughter, Ivanka Trump. According to the termination that a former employee experienced following a sexual harassment report, Trump’s views might allegedly be a policy within the Trump Corporation.
Erin Breen, former Trump Kids supervisor, alleged that a male co-worker, Joe DiPasquantonio, sexually harassed her on multiple occasions. A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against DiPasquantonio and the Trump National Golf Club. Breen claims she was expose to sexual harassment for months prior to being terminated. The sexual harassment included sexual requests, especially for oral sex, according to Breen’s allegations.
The sexual harassment worsened during Breen’s final months at the golf club. The sexual advances she allegedly endured by DiPasquantonio were endless. Breen initially worked for the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa. Eventually the golf club was sold and operating under new management, and Breen managed to sustain her position. Breen said she maintained a respectful professional relationship with DiPasquantonio. The quality of the relationship altered after DiPasquantonio attempted to guide the work relationship down an inappropriate path.
Breen alleged that he would often make sexual advances along with remarks that became more offensive every time he verbally released one. Breen said DiPasquantonio would address her by pet names including “his number one or his rock.” The pet names were created based on DiPasquantonio’s evaluation of Breen’s physical appearance.
DiPasquantonio was allegedly the champion of sexual joking. According to Breen, it appears that he would often find humor in making her life miserable such as “dropping something on the floor and asking her to pick it up.” In addition to sexual harassment at work, Breen said she received sexual text messages, unprofessional comments requesting oral sex in a suite by saying “it’s hard now, and you should come up,” on social media.
Breen rejected DiPasquantonio’s consistent sexual advances and the sexual harassment at work. She informed him about the amount of discomfort she felt, and inquired about him bringing the unwelcome workplace misconduct to a halt. Unfortunately, DiPasquantonio did not agree with Breen’s request. He told her he was in love with her and offered to depart from his marriage to be with her if she allowed it. He also informed her that he doesn’t it doesn’t matter what others think his feelings for are deeper than one could ever know.

Employee allege Retaliation by Trump National Golf Course

Breen’s inability to stop DiPasquantonio’s sexual harassment caused her to report the workplace misbehavior to Laura Daniel, Breen’s “direct supervisor” in December 2013. Breen allege Daniel was disinterested in hearing about her work related issue, and the work environment eventually transitioned from bad to worse. Breen claims she began to experience workplace retaliation after she reported the sexual harassment.
Allegations of Breen engaging time card theft and gambling at work miraculously surfaced. Breen was accused of a company policy violations, and sent on suspension from work. Trump executives immediately began to deny Breen’s sexual harassment allegations. In January 2014, Breen was officially fired from the company. The Trump executives argued that Breen’s allegations are false, and they intend to provide proof that she was terminated for her actions, not as an act of workplace retaliation.
Breen maintain her position since 2005, free from workplace violation. The day before Breen complained about sexual harassment, upper management was not accusing her of the workplace misconduct they allegedly fired her for. After she made a sexual harassment complaint, which unfortunately brings bad publicity to a company of that caliber. It appears that the allegations Breen faced were a part of a plan to deflect the negative energy from them to her. The HR depart decline to hear Breen’s side of the story. Once again the victim is punished while the harasser gets away with his actions.

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Victims in Breen’s predicament tend to be caught in a tough position. It’s becomes very difficult to prove wrongdoings in such wealthy, powerful, and influential corporation, which indicates why a victims should seek legal guidance from a sexual harassment attorney. If you have ever experience sexual harassment at work in New York City, Miami, New Jersey, or Philadelphia, contact our New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC.
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