An El Paso County sheriff’s office employee who is currently under investigation for sexual harassment complaints has been shown to also have a number of these complaints brought against him in the past.
Reports show that in 2011, Sgt. Schaller was accused of having a relationship with a woman he pulled over during a traffic violation stop. Schaller allegedly used his work phone to send sexually explicit text messages to the woman. He admitted his involvement in the texting relationship, took responsibility and had a written reprimand issued. This came on the heels of previous complaints filled against the employee.

Schaller remained out of trouble since then but the department now finds themselves in hot water again with this latest accusation. New York lawyers have learned that Sheriff Terry Maketa is currently under investigation for inappropriate relations with subordinates in his department. It is reported that these relationships, and the Sheriff in question, created a hostile work environment for other officers and department employees. In a shocking turn of events, New York sexual harassment lawyers learned of these allegations through a news release by a deputy of the department who also happens to be engaged to Schaller.

The exact nature of the current claim against Sgt. Schaller is unclear and court documents are not currently available for review. It is also unclear whether these are substantiated accusations or the actions of a disgruntled fiancé. Further investigation is necessary for a complete understanding of the situation

What is clear is that the El Paso sheriff’s department is scrambling to maintain its reputation locally and nationally in light of these numerous complaints. We will keep you updated as we find out more.
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