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Standing Up For Your Rights Employment Discrimination


If you have been the victim of discrimination, the New York City employment discrimination lawyers from the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Know Your Rights

Employees who feel they have experienced harassment based on disability, age, race, gender, pregnancy, religion or ethnicity need to know that they have employment rights and recourse to any workplace discrimination they have suffered.

Civil rights laws reflect our country’s commitment to basic human rights and extend to your workplace in New York City. Under these laws, Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC helps protect the rights of those who have been subjected to discrimination or harassment. We represent clients in lawsuits who have suffered discrimination because of their race, age, disability and illness, national origin, sex, or religion under federal or state law.

When unlawful conduct affects an individual’s job performance, employment status, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment, New York discrimination attorneys at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC can file a lawsuit on behalf of the injured party.

If you are an employee and need representation in an employment law issue, contact us for a free review with an employment law attorney today.

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Know your rights in the workplace! An employer cannot discriminate against employees and job applicants in areas such as

  • Recruitment, the arrangement for determining who should be offered employment
  • Hiring, the determination who should be offered employment
  • Compensation, the decision of the terms and conditions on which employment is offered
  • Working Conditions, the terms and conditions on which the contract worker is allowed to work
  • Advancement, the provision of access to opportunities for promotion, transfer, training or other benefits associated with employment
  • Termination, the determination of which employees are dismissed
  • Severance, the determination of the financial terms to be given to employment upon departure

The New York City employment discrimination lawyers at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC can evaluate your case and help determine whether your rights have been violated in the workplace. The subsequent action could include individual and class actions involving gender discrimination, racial discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, and disability discrimination in federal and state courts.

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