DNC delegate reports Sexual Harassment

Philadelphia – Bernie Sanders delegate, Gwen Snyder, disclosed that a male delegate sexually assaulted her during the Democratic National Convention. Snyder requested that the Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams prosecutes the accused delegate, and he declined.

Snyder said she was sexually assaulted on Wednesday of the convention approximately at two in the morning. She alleged that the male delegate gave her an unwelcome hug, which led to him “licking her breast.” The unwanted physical contact caught Snyder off guard, while many neighboring individuals witnessed the sexual acts.

Snyder claims the DNC was not prepared to tackle the sexual assault allegations. A police report was filed, in addition to requesting that the Philadelphia DA “prosecutes” the attacker. The Philadelphia DA argued that he must decline Snyder’s request due to the lack of evidence indicating the male delegate was aware of not receiving consent to perform his actions while he was under the influence. Although numerous individuals were present during the workplace misconduct incident, and able to testify on Snyder’s behalf, DA Williams continues to decline moving forward with the prosecution.

According to the president of the Philadelphia Chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW), individuals who participate in sexual harassment and escape the following consequences or receive a “slap on the wrist” reaction from superiors, sends the wrong message. The NOW president agrees that inebriation is “no excuse” for sexual harassment.

Women have been fighting for years to be treated as equals especially in the workplace, and it appears that Philadelphia will not aid them to achieve equality. Politics have favored men for decades, so it’s no surprise that the Philadelphia DA sided with the male delegate. Prosecuting the male delegate was a phenomenal way to “stand up for women’s safety,” according to the NOW president.

Organizations like NOW will continue to fight for women’s rights in society. One can only hope that the Philadelphia DA have a change of heart and help women like Snyder seek justice for the unethical behavior they experienced. Surprisingly, a popular Philadelphia source received information that the Philadelphia D.A.’s office will conduct “an additional investigation” regarding Snyder’s sexual assault case.

Women’s Safety in the Workplace

Women’s safety in most work environments appears to be non-existent. Unfortunately, a third of women in the workplace continue to experience sexual harassment. Women can do all within the power to protect one another, but it is the men they need to ultimately make a difference. Sexual harassment between opposite genders will require the leadership of a well-respected man in the workplace to step up on behalf of the women and explain that sexual harassment is wrong.

Men exist because of women. One would think their natural instinct is to protect women, however, women in the workplace are often suffering because of them. The safety of women in the workplace needs to be rectified and federal and state laws should be enforced to attempt to decrease the number of female victims of sexual harassment and assault around the globe.

Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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